Sports Psychology Shooting

The shooting is, unlike athletics, little physical sport. Although there is absolutely shooters to get benefits if they are physically in good condition, has a good mental state also added value. Armed men on wedstrjidniveau often know how to go to reach a certain score. It’s just the mental side that will make the difference. This article looks at the mental qualities that are important in shooting.

Concentration and attention

Your attention can focus on different things. It is best if you finish your task focused your attention. However, it may be that you get distracted by the crowd, the weather, your material etc.. Whether you’re just about winning or losing. You can understand that this does not lead to a good result. Through mindfulness you learn to focus your attention in the right way. This is individual, because it is hard to derivations from the outside and maybe more distractions from the inside. For example, there are many more problems in the focus of attention as possible. It is important to know your own style attention so that it can be adjusted personal attention workout. A sports psychologist can help you. Concentration go hand in hand with attention. A good concentration is important to focus your attention on your job well.

Thought Control

Who has not experienced that you think during a game?? Here I am not so good at it now also fail??. When you shoot the wrong, lower scores or execution is absolutely not tasty. This is a typical example of an idea that could negatively affect your performance. Mind control is a tool that helps you to learn this negative thought into a positive thought. Positive thoughts have a positive impact on performance I want this picture is good?? is a better idea than the above example. In particular, the words are not  and??must?? have a negative impact. Do not think of a white polar bear?? ensures that anyone reading this now have a picture of a white polar bear in the head. So it works well in the sport. You know the word brains?? not?? not really. So if you think I now can not miss him ?? you will be missed in nine cases out of ten. I want this picture volley ?? said essentially the same, but have a different effect. When you control your thoughts, they can change or stop, this will result in better performance than if you do not control your thoughts.


If you are too tense, perform below your level. This is because stress causes you to tighten your muscles. This allows you to move cramped when you would just have to move smoothly to shoot well. It is therefore important to have a proper amount of tension in the body. A good way to recognize stress in your body time to do relaxation exercises. During an exercise, your team, in a certain order, your muscles and then relax them. This allows your body learns to recognize more and more tension in the muscles. When you realize that tension better, you are also more able to notice and do something on a high muscle tension in your performance. A certain level of voltage is normal, and will also be needed to achieve good performance. But when stress causes you worse, relaxation exercises can help you a lot.

Imagination / Visualization

Imagination find athletes sometimes vague or weird. For what does this have to use for your performance? You see that you’re not really working out. There are a number of reasons why visualization functions. First shown that in fact you also get the tone of the muscles that you are commonly used in the visualization of this movement during a movement. You can in this way a feeling that goes with repetition a good move. This good motion you turn on your brain and will be used during training or competition. Next to the image you have in your head and the feeling you get in your muscles, you can hear or smell things. Fantasy is actually a real simulation of an event in your mind. In imagination, you can not perform your move perfect, but you can imagine what happens if you make changes to motion or even to your surroundings. It is also a method that you can think of all kinds of situations where you have to teach yourself to be distracted by thoughts, feelings and other irrelevant questions.


There are several mental skills that can help you perform better. All these skills are important to use in your sport. A competitor must have good concentration and attention, excitement and thoughts can check and imagination exercises. A sports psychologist can help an athlete through a mental training and coaching.