Spotting in Pregnancy

During pregnancy a woman’s body undergoes huge changes due to hormones, each person feels differently one or another symptom, the spotting is something quite common during pregnancy, if it is light-colored and odorless, does not represent a problem for the woman and the baby, but if you feel any change should consult as soon as possible , your doctor.

It is considered an abnormal discharge discharge Brown, greyish or yellowish, dark and foul smelling, this discharge with color and scent can be a sign of infection and should be treated, you should consult your doctor immediately.

The Brown discharge in early pregnancy, it would be of menstruation may mean that the body is making a clean sweep, but at the end of pregnancy it can be caused by blood loss. Also at the end of pregnancy the body prepares for childbirth and the pregnant woman can lose a discharge with blood called mucous rolhão.

Spotting in pregnancy

Spotting in pregnancy can be treated with antifungal ointments, but should always be used with knowledge of your doctor, never take anything on the recommendation of a friend. When badly treated the discharge with a infection can cause premature labor, premature rupture of the purse or post partum infection without pregnant dresses from ANIMALERTS.

Tips to prevent leakage and infection in pregnancy

Often this problem is caused by bad habits of intimate hygiene, this time with the body’s defenses down must have your hygiene care special.

Use SOAP and water or mild soap or intimate SOAP for your intimate hygiene.

Avoid taking baths in saunas, baths with tub or shower jet design for this area.

Avoid baths with water too hot.

Do not use tampons or pantyliners with perfume.

When cleaning with toilet paper must pass from front to back, no contact with strep.

Wear cotton panties.

Avoid wearing clothes too tight.

Avoid too much acid or spicy, these foods can change the acidity of the flora.

Avoid smoking.

See your doctor right away if your discharge present

Unpleasant smell, like rotten fish;

A color other than white as yellow, green, grey or brown;

Thick aspect or carved;

Pain or burning sensation peeing or having sex;

Itching or itching.