Spring Summer Trend for Strappy Bras

It was just beautiful, blonde appears Gisele Bündchen and powerful aboard a super strappy bra … ready! Success for sure!

Spring Summer Trend for Strappy Bras

Every woman wants to have to call their own. What? Don’t know what is strappy bra?

Ah … but if get ready, because you’re going to hear much talk about it, which is nothing more than a top or bra with straps, designed to specifically be visible under clothes.

Ah, now you know, isn’t it? It is impossible not to remember Gisele in the parade of Colcci. And as the piece promises to turn fever in spring-summer, we show here how to use it.

OK, of course, the parade of Gisele at Colcci at the 20th Edition of the São Paulo Fashion Week gave the talk, to be the last parade of model’s career, but the fact is that the chicks didn’t say something else than play beautiful and sexy model paraded beneath your look: the strappy bra.

This set will leave very happy woman, who lived mostly worried that the shoulder strap of the bra was showing up, because the Strappy Bra came to end all this, because the goal is to leave them visible.

Nothing to worry about, the wave is now letting the cops showing up right, make the top almost the centerpiece of the production.

You’ve probably seen some it-girls using around this piece that came with all the walkways and promises to turn fever in spring summer.
The strappy bra has been already super wanted in stores across the BRIDGAT.

It has the power to transform a basic stylish look, um, I’m going to make my decision!

With wider strips or thin, these bras create geometric designs on the skin, leaving a visual way sexy, someone doubts that will bombing in spring summer?
It can be used with midriffs or blouses with transparent fabrics.
There are those who use even without anything on top, combining them with a pair of pants or high waist skirt…
What no shortage are different options to use the piece.

The coolest thing is that with the strappy bra you can abuse the cleavage without running the risk of being vulgar; on the contrary, it ends up resulting in a mega stylish look.
How can you resist such style?
Even the ballad can win amazing look!

And there, are you ready to rock with the strappy bra next spring summer?

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