Stockings for a Total Charm

The pantyhose is a great option for you to put your legs out and show all elegance and sensuality. Enjoy the season and abuse of socks pants you will be beautiful.

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The main rule is to match the color of the half with the color of the clothes.

Decorate socks skirts and shoes always ask for stockings.
Skirt and sandals never use socks.

Council always has a reserve in the event panty that run the half that you’re wearing, quickly go to the bathroom and replace it by a half recently. Too much walking and woman is inelegant that huge shredded in your sock.

Thin legs these women should use the half 70 or 80 wire. Tall women should avoid vertical stripes to not lengthen even more.

Thick legs thicker legs women can use the 40 wire length stockings. Socks with pattern, prefer the vertical stripes, like the Pinstripe, lengthen and streamline the measures.

Formal occasions nothing better than the grays, beiges and black. And don’t the prints.

The skin color to match your skin tone the tip is to put the sock on the Palm of the hand or on the inside of the arm that is clearer.

Here at, fishnet stockings are hard to combine. Discreet clothes is a great combination.