Stowa Marine Watch Review

Moin! Should I assign a watch to a city like Hamburg, then that would be Stowa marine in the narrowest range. It is clear-without frippery. But has lots of understatement and a direct relation to seafaring. In short, She’s somehow Hanseatic. And as with so many Hanseatic League one recognizes special and the intricacies only at second glance. An accurate look is worthwhile in this mechanical clock made in Germany. More specifically, it comes from Angel fire, close to the city of Pforzheim, where 1927 founded Stowa watch forge is headquartered today.

Well, then we do something-something more accurate look:

Maritime chuckles with clear (time) announcement

Admittedly, the Stowa marine watch is striking bright white dial and the large black numerals somewhat due to her-but never uncomfortable or intrusive is. It may may not be so come on the photos, but the Dial is that I had no problems with it even with ordinary twilight to recognize the time such bright and good to read. And although the clock has no hands and hour markings. Or, thankfully, because you otherwise not benefit which would be antique pear-shaped blued hands. One of those subtleties that you sometimes only on second glance correctly perceive and appreciate. The blueing (heating) the delicate hands, by the way, is an art in itself. Both the duration and the temperature must be in this process. Otherwise, you get not the noble and even blue.

Marine clocks and chronometers

Of course, the Stowa is maritime named Navy without a reason. The design of this model or the wholeMarine series is produced on an Pocket Watch inspired by the Stowa in the 40s, for the German Navy.Warlike nature was then definitely-but this can something neither the clock nor the design successful even from today’s perspective. Who is generally interested in the subject of marine watches or chronometer – this way.

And it writes Stowa marine Watch:

“The history of the STOWA marine watch-the Watch were original only 288 built. ” Cover or observation clocks were very important on ships. They were used for a time display on deck, were used but also for the time synchronization with the Lake room. These watches were very good to read and frequently, the dials were completely occupied with luminous markers. To protect the watches, extra custom wooden boxes were (often water-proof and shock-proof) to use. This observation watch was used by the officers of the Navy to assist with navigation. Chrome-plated metal housing with 57 mm diameter, glass floor, luminous dial with small seconds and blued steel hands. (…)“

Between the deck watch and pocket watch-from the Pocket Watch to the wristwatch

So it looks like the developments from the large deck watch to the more practical Pocket Watch-and ultimately to the wristwatch. In contrast to its predecessors, the modern Stowa marine Watch has no luminous dial. What I support very aesthetic reasons. A yellow-greenish coloration or the glow of the complete dial would fit somehow not the reduced and positively simple appearance of this pocket watch.
But: You can in the INVESTTOPS after all, choose whether you want to-have the Navy “Date” with white or prefer Silver Dial, made of solid 925/000 Silver (the so called Sterling Silver). That however surcharge, bringing the clock in the vicinity of 1,000 euros. Who would like to stay more than 300 euro under this price brand, opts for the affordable white basic variant. It is definitely a good choice in terms of price.

The work:

Inside the Stowa Marine proposes an ETA 2824-2automatic movement. And also here you can choose: you can have it in the standard or to a fee of 80 euro in the in the TOP version. Who can add 130 euro to the base price who like to match would have the TOP work with blued screws-to the blue hands -.

The watch provided to me had let but readily see “only” the basic movement-that can:

The price:

As already indicated, can be together in a way even his watch on the Stowa website. If you take the marine variant with date, White Dial, basic movement and plain leather band, pays 640 euros. A totally fair price for a watch of this quality.

With a nobler Croco-(see pictures) or mesh band (stainless steel) cost from 760 and 770 euro. For those who like something individual, the can for 49 Euro engraving is still the rotor and replaced the normal buckle against a double folding or Butterfly buckle for 35 euros.

As I said, the Navy is to a whole number. I mainly chose the presented here watch because it is located in the base version significantly below the 750-euro mark. The other models, such as for example the marine original with the hand-wound movement of Unitas 6498 is over 1,200 euros. Here an overview of the entire Marine series.


Who can be the available extras like top execution not seduced by crocodile leather strap, Silver Dial, engraving, of plant, butterfly clasp etc. and marine in the basic version buys the Stowa, you will get a really successful mechanical clock made in Germany. Including an own history. -But who can resist the temptations must expect that he-lands depending on the type of model-fast at 1,000 euros and more.

Still, It’s nice to see, that Stowa’s one erm allows relatively inexpensive to get into the world of mechanical watches of this category and quality. At least you have the choice whether and how far you are in the three-to four-digit range would like to move. There are enough watch manufacturers, where you no longer have this option. Unfortunately. The entry is then simply times when at least 1,000 euros-usually even more.

My personal advantages of this watch:

  • bright white, clear and easy to read dial
  • Blued hands in ancient “pear shape”
  • reliable Swiss automatic movement ETA 2824-2-visible through the glass floor
  • all processing of the clock makes a good impression

Of course you expect now that where something negative comes in. But in fact hardly something occurred to me. And if, then there are little things and personal sensibilities. For example the clock is bigger than what would be expected at 40 mm case diameter. For very small wrists that is nothing-for normal rather up width but beneficial. -Or: Issue of date of or pull out the Crown to the right point requires a little finesse. You know that then there is no problem. As said, small things that do not detract from the positive impression of this watch.

Combined: The Stowa you like marine at first glance, also the second look the will not disappoint. It keeps what it promises simply. There, she is quite Hanseatic.

Vintage Tip: Stowa watches builds since 1927, and it is definitely worth to look even slightly older models. Those who now wish to used and Vintage watches by Stowa to browse, you will find here certainly something (partner links *). Here, too, the prices of these watches in a moderate range move.

Note: The clock provided again went back to the manufacturer after writing this article. All statements and opinions are independent and are based on a monthlong wearing and testing the watch.

Technical details & co-the Stowa marine “Date” in the overview:

Diameter: 40.00 mm

Height: 10.20 mm

Band width: 20 mm

Lug to lug: 48.60 mm

Water resistant: up to 5 ATM

Weight: 70 gr. (Leather strap), approx. 120 gr. (Metal band Milanese)

Case: Polished stainless steel

Dial: white glossy lacquered, black printed

Glass: domed top and bottom flat sapphire glass, anti-reflective inside

Hands: Blued steel (Temperaturgebläut!)

Band: various leather straps and metal band Milanese available

Crown: STOWA stainless steel logo


Caliber: ETA 2824-2

Drive: mechanical, self-winding

Vibrations per hour: 28 800 VPH

Function: Hours, minutes, sweep seconds and date display

Power reserve: min.. 40 hours

Number of stones in the movement: 25 jewels

Finish: Rhodium plated engraving on the rotor, blued screws, gold-plated STOWA

Specialities: screwed back, genuine blued hands of steel