Streetball: Heretics

From Uworkfit we like to give voice and visibility to small sports projects. In our opinion the sport they do and create people beyond the brands and the trends dictated by “marketing”. As we already did with the article on the movement of Streetworkout in Spain and Barbarrio , have put us in contact with Heretics Streetball to know as it is developing in Spain Street basketball.

The concept of “urban culture” is known among the general public when we refer to classic Hip Hop and Graffiti demonstrations, however and without detach much less of the above disciplines, street sports are going strong and uniting people in parks, neighborhoods or cities. Perhaps the best known by all disciplines are spectacular competitions of BMX and Skateboarding that already have national and international stars. Slowly and steadily, we are knowing another sport that has crossed the pond and that makes up this world of urban culture, we refer to the Streetball as described in sports activity.

This variant of the basketball is characterized by its explosiveness and some relaxation in the normal commonly known by fans both the NBA and the CBA. This matches and competitions are made more attractive to the public and allow us to see one basketball less “corseted”, where players demonstrate some skills and technical skills that we can find in official matches.

Since we don’t like to talk about in Uworkfit that we don’t practice, we have been in contact with Heretics Streetball so they tell us who they are, what their movement and how come it and face the future

What Heretics Streetball?

Heretics Streetball originally created in the year 2002 in the city of Basin thanks to a group of friends that we had our first contact with the basketball in the street. While some of us also gave our first steps in basketball clubs, was always the street, the “Playground”, our reference and meeting point. To this initial training contributed two decisive factors: firstly, the great atmosphere of Streetball is breathing at that time at the local track of ‘ El Sargal’, where we could learn from other older “ballers”. But above all, the influence of the American brand And1, and his already mythical “mixtapes”, as well as many other “crews” such as The Notic or tell me, which put us in contact with Streetball culture, thus understanding their values, their aesthetic and their origins. Without exception, all were completely absorbed by this way of understanding the game, so direct, free and competitive. From that point, the decision of working that side with our chances was immediate.

After a period of reflection, where we kept away from the network, Heretics Streetball again in 2012 with much clearer ideas and enthusiasm intact.

Our activity is developed in several directions: on the one hand is a priority for us have a presence in the most important tournaments Streetball in the country, work we do every day with the assurance that the national Streetball is much stronger what the poor broadcast media does believe. Equally important is for us to combine the constant game, which is what moves us, with a continuous Web presence, through our own site (our site), where we want to generate impact and attention for the Streetball through articles and audiovisual content quality and ambitious.

As a result of both of these objectives (the sports and the media) was born this summer of 2013 the “I edition of basin Streetball Champs”, tournament of Streetball organized in our city, which attracted about 20 teams and counted with the presence of players of the stature of Richard Nguema and Alberto Aspe (both former ACB), or “dunkers” of the level of Borja Molinello.

Finally, as a complement to this work, we have found other ways to offer the Streetball in different contexts and take it to everyone: with this intention we made in may 2013 a clinic/exhibition at the festival of urban culture Mulafest of Madrid, and tried to introduce the Streetball as a school activity to bring closer it to young people, future generations of “ballers”.

In short, all work together thanks to which, with humility, aim to place the Streetball in our country in the place that it deserves.

Since Uworkfit like us to give you samples of what you will know, I have made two videos from the work of Heretics Streetball in the network: