Strength Training Build Muscle Mass

If you start with weight training, it is important to know which guidelines were drawn up. These guidelines ensure that you do not start too fast and too hard training. If you do it well, then chances are that you suffer damage. To be, it is important to start at the base a force experienced coach. Without the base will never be able to develop larger and stronger muscles.


From strength training jar for several reasons. Weight training makes you better developed muscles. This may mean that they are larger and / or stronger. In rehabilitation, strength training is to reduce the patient / athlete to their previous / desired level.But strength training can also be seen as a sport. Just look at bodybuilders. These are athletes who train their muscles so that the contours of the muscles well arrive.
If you have decided to start weight training, you must be aware of how to do this. Here are some important guidelines. This also depends on what will be trained. Below, I will explain which tax variables can best be used for general strength.

Guidelines Overall Strength


  • The above tax variables are guidelines. This can and should be repealed.
  • The percentage listed on the weight depends on what you do not want to train and manage what your muscles.
  • The series and repetitions are not focused on what the athlete can handle. Moreover, recurrences are 10-12 corresponding to 60-70% and 1-6 repetitions corresponds to 80-100%.
  • When strength training focuses on speed / explosiveness than the exercises carried out quickly.
  • When a force directed exercises are slow to medium-fast running bodybuilding level.
  • When strength training with a focus on endurance than the average exercises performed quickly.
  • If you are not convinced you can do it yourself, consider starting with personal training. Activate a personal trainer can guide you in performing these types of strength training.