Stylish Long Sweater: What You Can Not Miss In Your Closet?

If you’re a lover of soft and warm sweaters, we have good news for you. Knitted fabrics are this fall and in the winter the huge fashion hit. One of the most popular pieces are casual cardigans. Check out which are in the course.

Classic long opened long-sleeved sweater or Cardigan as described in cardigan designs comes–as well as trousers, trench coat or bomber – from the men’s wardrobe. Pioneer is none other than fashion icon Coco Chanel, which has created a purely feminine trend and turned it in a timeless classic.

It suits all of us!

Flowy cardigans we love mainly because he looks good on everyone regardless of age and the type of characters. Therefore, if you troubled by some extra kilos in the area of the ball is for you a longer sweater perfect. Women who want to turn the mask a wider hips thicker thighs, or should reach for a max length of that critical of the lot. But all types of characters most flattered, when to pass over jacket you tied a belt.

If you want to take at least one Cardigan, for a gray or beige. You are right now the most in the course. Unlike the sweaters with designs. From those this year, give a break. The only pattern, which is also in this season, is the Strip.


Stylish and casual sweaters look best together with jeans, solid colour shirt or blouse and comfortable shoes. But take a super versatile piece, you can quietly get dressed despite the dress or skirt and shoes shoes.

Do not worry, or layering, which is now the most popular in the fall. The long Cardigan calmly put the shorter leather and wrap with maxišálou. Wear it over longer cardigans and vests that you perfectly warm.