Survey on Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is there, but the bombastic success stories are still quite rar compared to many other Apple product. Of course this is likely also related that the Smartwatch is so far only a limited amount available. But as a report of from market research firm UserTesting according to Forbes, seems still another aspect to play an important role.

UserTesting namely conducted a survey among 52 Apple Watch-owners and noted that the recommendation rate looks apparently so far still quite modest: therefore only 38 percent of the respondents should have indicated, that they the Apple Watch would recommend friends and acquaintances. 35 percent of the participants answered more passive and 27 percent opposed even clearly a recommendation. The result is quite sobering, even if a survey appears somewhat undersized at only 52 people for a product that will sell millions.

Third-party apps are still a problem

As the survey on COMPUTERANNALS.COM should also have shown the biggest criticism among Apple Watch owners is the lack of availability of well made third-party apps. As a qualitative difference between the apps by Apple itself and those of third-party should clearly be to determine. The latter are often slower and less reliable than the applications by Apple according to 19 percent of those surveyed.

Michael Mace, who has held the post of Vice President of the mobile radio Division and was Director of marketing at Apple from 1987 to 1997, UserTesting is of the opinion that more and better third-party apps are the best way to make the Apple Watch for people interesting. At the same time the future of the Apple Watch depends on but also how far Apple will improve them and their successors.

Michael face Jackson, an analyst at Forrester Research, compares the situation to the beginnings of the iPhone. According to him, there was at that time hardly one of the now so successful and useful apps: “we never mind thought that we would call a taxi with the iPhone in a great way. Now we do it. I think the clock is still in its infancy.”