Swedish Cycling Championship

Our site: there will be cykelakrobatik at a high level when it is time for bike trial championship on an indoor track. The contest will be decided in Örebro on January 30 as part of SM-week winter. The Swedish elite including the reigning Swedish cykeltrialmästaren Joacim Nymann will be on site.

It is the first time that a championship in the bike trial is determined in the Swedish Cycling Association’s Director. Bike trial, which is a growing but relatively anonymous sport in Sweden, already has a place within the International Cycling Federation (UCI). Recently was discipline in even during the Swedish Cycling Federation’s roof and a fruitful collaboration has started between the League and the practitioners of the sport.

“There is a lot of fun that we expand bicycle family with another discipline and that we can offer more and even greater opportunities for young people to exercise fun sports. Bike trial is a great spectator sport, the practitioners showing at an incredible balance and strength, physically but also mentally. It is difficult to describe with words and must be experienced quite easily, “says Lena Alfvén, Swedish Cycling Federation’s Secretary General.

Bike trial Championship takes place on January 30 in Örebro, in the Conventum Arena, as part of SM-week. The racing set-up will be similar to the one that the motorized version – X-trial-use, i.e. the same path for all. A qualifying run of the day with the difficulty much like a normal elitbana. In the evening it becomes since the final with the top three from qualifying, on a course that is somewhat tougher.

What is bike trial?
Bike trial is one of the most exciting and spectacular cykelsporterna, where the most important factors are stability and control of the bike in extreme situations. The challenge in the bike trial with a clear, quality water bottle is to cross the grouped sections, without putting your foot into the ground or with any part of the cycle (with the exception of the wheels) touch the ground as this entails punishment. After having carried out the sections, it is the cyclist with the least number of penalty points is declared the winner.

Bike trial emerged in Europe in the 1970s and has its roots in the motorized version of the Trial. 1985 was integrated bike trial completely within the International Cycling Federation, UCI and has since developed rapidly as a cycle sport. Bike trial is an accessible sport that is practiced all over the world of children and adults, from 5 years and up, both in the forest as an urban environment.

In addition to the UCI, also arranges BIU (Biketrial International Union) cykeltrialtävlingar at the international level. In Sweden, a Swedish Championship series “Swedish cykeltrialmästerskapet (SCM)” organized by the MHF-youth. The reigning Swedish Champion in SCM is Joacim Nymann from Lerum.