Synthetic Insulation Jacket Reviews

The jackets are different from other thermal clothes because they are composed of a “shell” fabric that is padded with insulation.

Synthetic Insulation Jacket Reviews

Autopsy and components to choose a jacket

The jacket consists of a casing and an insulator while clothing classics allow thermal insulation thanks to the same clothing fabric. This construction enables a lighter and compressible insulation for classic clothes because the insulation does not need to have mechanical properties (abrasion resistance or tear).

In the same way as a piece of clothing the technical fabric makes a big difference for the jackets is the insulation and casing that make the difference.

The insulation of a jacket

The insulation used on greater importance in the performance of a jacket . There are countless but generally one can distinguish two types, the synthetic and down.

That the type of insulation over the jacket is thick it will hold more warm and more it will be for static activities. The thin jackets are obviously geared towards the mild temperatures or to be worn during physical activity.

The synthetic insulation jacket

The i synthetic gage are is (much) slower than the fluff but it is easier for maintenance , it is not afraid of water and it is cheaper than down. It is this type of clothing that is used by most people seeking clothing not too expensive and easy to maintain. According to internetages, vintage style army jackets are often made with synthetic fibers.

Advantages of synthetic insulation with a jacket:

  • Cheaper
  • Do not fear (too) water
  • Easy to maintain
  • Resistant (if it tears the wastes no insulation)
Disadvantages of synthetic insulation with a jacket:

  • weight / heat / lower volume than down
  • less breathable than down (in general)

There are many different insulation offered by major brands of clothing or insulation manufacturer (as primaloft). The main insulation and their properties:

  • Wadding “noname” is the insulation used for low-end clothing, faster than the pole but heavier, less compressible and less breathable insulation that big brands.
  • Primaloft eco or black: The Primaloft insulation entirely from recycled bottles. Outperform an insulating “noname” is completely green but less efficient than other Primaloft insulation.
  • Primaloft Sport or silver: This insulation is a bit more powerful than black, it is also water repellent.
  • Primaloft one or gold: The most efficient Primaloft insulation. It is very compressible, light and warm. It is, of course, water repellent.
  • Coreloft: this insulation is used only in A rc’teryx . It is near the silver primaloft.
  • Climashield: this insulation is very resistant in time and efficient but less compressible than Primaloft One .
  • Polartec Alpha : A slightly lighter insulation (and cooler) than other synthetic insulations but breathable. It is particularly suitable for active phases or breathability is preferred.
  • Quad Fusion Mimic : synthetic insulation owned Haglöfs compound polyeste r beads which capture heat between the fibers and the beads. Contribution equivalent to almost goose down.