Synthetic vs Leather Saddles

Each rider with own horse needs a saddle. Previously there was only leather saddles, but now also in plastic saddles their rampage. The largest producer of synthetic saddles are Wintec.Wintec was founded in 1984 in Australia. The company specializes in making saddles in leather and plastic, and their products has in recent years greatly increased in popularity.


Although most saddles are still manufactured in leather, saddlery increasingly also take a plastic version on the market. Wintec led herein. The advantage of the saddle of the plastics is of use. Such saddles are very weather resistant and easy to maintain, you do not really fat with leather cream. A simple brushing with a wet cloth is sufficient to keep the wheelchair clean. Wintec while the first few years was primarily known as a brand of “cheap” seats, they are now in a sustainable saddles in its optimal price-quality ratio.


Meanwhile, Wintec has different models that are placed on the market. For recreational rides they have the type “500”, enter “2000” and “pro”. There are also a number of dressage saddles available, such as “Dressage Pro”, “Pro Contour” and “Isabell Werth,” named after the famous German dressage riders, who by giving its name makes clear its commitment to the quality of Wintec saddles state. For the rider, there are several options in the form of “500 Jump”, “Pro close contact” and “Pro Jump”. Finally, there is also designed endurance saddles and Western saddles.Wintec looking for a very acceptable price to use for their saddles. Most models are available at a price between 400 and 1000 euros.

Fall down

Not only is the material of which the saddles are made makes the products of Wintec unique, including the filling of the pillow is different from the traditional saddlery. Wintec saddles are not filled with wool, like most other saddles, but contained indoor air. This is what the company calls “Cair” system. If the wool can be compressed and uneven pressure may cause the air inside the cushions of Wintec saddles mobile so that no pressure points do not occur. In addition, a Wintec saddle never be filled again, as the air, unlike wool, not lose volume over the years.

Interchangeable tree

A third point Wintec trying to score on the market, the system of interchangeable boom. This would saddle WINTEC for each horse can be adjusted. There are five colors of the trees:

  • Gul: Narrow
  • Green: Small / Medium
  • Black: Medium
  • Blue: Medium / wide
  • Red: Bred
  • Vit: Extra bred

For very large horses Wintec has designed a special saddle Wintec Wide. For these saddles is also a purple and pink trees.
Wintec bomenDe trees are sold separately and can easily be replaced with a screw system. To know which tree you have for your horse needs, Wintec a tree counters on the market. These can settle in the back of your horse and provides easy what color you need for your horse.
Wintec Boom Meter


For those who like the Cair system and interchangeable trees, but prefer a place of genuine leather, it’s Bates brand. Bates saddles are of the same make as Wintec saddles, but made entirely of leather. Furthermore, they are absolutely the same, they are also adaptable and cushions are filled with air.