T-Shirts For Pregnant Women. The Film

There is a before and an after at the moment in which the Predictor tells you that Yes, you’re pregnant and that, from now on, you’ll have a belly growing during 9 months (and a not so steady decrease) after those 9 months. Your life is another, there is a great on road project and other interests enter into your life: you start to read books for children to sleep, you discover that there is a thing called a dehumidifier, which has a utility that even you just don’t understand, buy online about children’s vinyl and think every day will be like, how come, how long will you like your partner name that you have chosen (between the two) , etc.

That is, you have more things on his head. Most things, not others completely different. There is a moment of lobotomy. Do not you reseteas. Not become overnight the morning a loving bear who goes to work on her pony Unicorn galloping on a rainbow. Do not change your music finally always, right? The same things as before, still liking you only that now you can not drink alcohol, and you go to sleep earlier.

That is if before the fashion, you liked now also. The difference, of course, is that before you had your sweet and now have a belly already or can or gives you the win disguise. At the beginning you’re pulling combining there with some guy clothes but there comes a time where you have to go out to buy other things because the shirt when he ran the half-marathon of Móstoles (which he is as if it had won the Olympics) as that will not leave.

And you get search and panties fall you down when you discover that:

(a) the pony unicorns exist and are everywhere

(b) maternity as described in future mum clothing loved some fashion designers the chapter in which Homer fattening.

You think just exaggerated. Well, Yes, but when you are over 6 months in June, is almost 30 degrees in Barcelona and are fed up with that you take by a zeppelin human because they give to a desire to please the world by montera, dip their friends designers (not dared to tell me that no, I believe that they acojonaron to see me get snorting) and be designing a line of t-shirts for pregnant women. Does not fix one world, but it entertains since then until now what was inside already goes to school.

This is one of the objectives of Dressmadre: make clothes for pregnant women that you also put when you’re not. T-shirts you luck to a friend who is in that time so special and so complicadito as it is pregnancy. This movie has just to start, for now the criticism is positive, the audience is great, and it still has not gone nude scene nor the kiss with the buenorro. That is, that the thing promises.

If you like what you see and want to dressmadraros with us, because then all of this will be worthwhile.