Tables for Living Room

The coffee tables are items of furniture from pretty strong stage presence. Fill the room, often occupy central positions, around their property is going to organize the rest of the furniture and the usable space in the room, also, inevitably, catching the eyes of curious guests.

The living room tables, in fact, not being held to the preparation of banquets newspapers, it is preferred in certain sizes, large and obvious enough, to strengthen their position and their role as prestige within the room.

From the aesthetic point of view it is of particularly cared furnishings from Dictfurniture. The dominant trend is the fine workmanship of the feet and the desk frame.

The bearing structures are becoming clearer and original. Sometimes they remain distinct and dominate the scene through glittering materials such as steel; sometimes they merge into a single pin, the more innovative forms, which takes almost the contours of a modern sculpture of great charm, capable of supporting a large surface above.

Among the most successful models in those with glass surface, class and elegance guarantee.

Among these, the ASPA model of Ventamueblesonline.

A dining table with two entwined feet to form a sort of giant “X”, lacquered MDF, with tempered glass top 12 mm thick.

A unit of matter characterized by a strong contrast: between the special processing, shape and texture of the supporting structure and the stiffness of the bearing surface, with its clear and squared geometric lines.

A very original model and of great aesthetic impact. Suitable for large sized living rooms, in a central location, in order to be admired in all its beauty.

Smaller in size but equally cared for in detail the table in stainless steel Ts – Ideen.

It is a square in shape by dining table (79.5 cm by 79.5 cm) with two glass plates, an upper and a spaced about 15 cm.
The first plate, the top one, is characterized by a 15 cm edge of dark gray color, surrounding a clear glass square that reveals the underlying plan.

The lower floor, also in glass, is divided into two rectangles of different colors: gray and black. The frame of this model, made ​​of stainless steel, includes four feet 59 cm, of tubular shape.

It a sleek, elegant, light modern style. Ideal for not very large living rooms, but characterized by a decor that expresses a strong, dominant personality.

Definitely the eye-catching model in Glass and Wood Lacquered of Sararreda.

It is a rectangular table, extendable from 160 cm to 220 cm, with white tempered glass and structure in white lacquered wood, in the form of huge “V”, mounted on a table top in chromed steel.

An important model, the prestigious, highly visual impact, able to embellish large living rooms furnished in modern style.

Placed on a soft carpet long-haired and surrounded by upholstered chairs of some significance aesthetics, it looks like piece of furniture ideal to make the environment the end, sophisticated and classy.