Tablets For Baby

For Or Against the Tablets For Baby?

The touch Tablet market is expanding. And now, baby may even have his own since several brands offer models intended for toddlers. But what about these interactive toys? Are these high-tech items beneficial for the awakening of toddlers? Elements of the answer with Michaël Stora and Serge Tisseron psychoanalysts.

Tablets For Baby

Today, the screens are ubiquitous in the everyday life of parents and children. A recent study * conducted among 300 mothers, 80% of toddlers from 1 to 6 years old use the tablet or Smartphone of their parents. And recently, several brands offer tablets for toddlers, sometimes available from… 18 months. But is it not too early immersion in the world of new technologies? To Michaël Stora, psychologist, psychoanalyst, and founder of the Observatory of the digital worlds, present at a press conference on the subject, video games or on Tablet stimulate the desire to progress. «There is a staging of the rewards: it’s losing that you learn to win.» Shelves are objects from mediation to learn. And the child love play by “trial and error”. In fact, the wrong answer allows him to find the right one, while at school or in society, the wrong solution is sanctioned “, explains the specialist. Michaël Stora compares the young player to a “little scientist” who is looking for the exact meanings through online dictionary. “This is very interesting between 1-6 years age when the child is in a all power. But all the specialists disagree on the issue. Serge Tisseron, psychologist and psychoanalyst, is much less favorable to the tablets for baby. According to him, “the child need spatial cues (interactions involving its various meanings) and temporal that only traditional toys and books provide”. As he explains, the narrative offer the stories to develop event memory of the child. In fact, to understand a new situation, “the child must remember what he has heard or read previously. However, with too early and too often access to screens, children can have “of the difficulties to build a logical and organized thinking.”

Tablets, Real Or Fake Toys of Awakening?

“As Freud said, there is no learning without experience hedonic, without pleasure. Fun is essential to appropriate information,”says Michaël Stora. For the psychologist, this mode allows to focus on “proprioception”: the child is aware that he is the author of acts. “We are in the era of the”Digital natives”. Love the child manipulate the image and take it. The tactile, it is intuitive in the toddler. But Serge Tisseron accurate that this is only the “tactile epicritic” (touch end). He recalled that on the shelves, children may not exercise the “touch protopathique”, to feel the constitution of the object. “The child is in need of multi-sensory simulations, but this type of games does that stimulate thehearing, sight and touch end. the baby can’t throw her toy down, or put it in the mouth, which is important for the development of toddler”, explains Serge Tisseron.

No to the ‘Digital Nanny. “

Two experts agree on one point: parents must always accompany their child when using the tablet. For Michaël Stora, this tool “can fill a form of separation between the boy and his parents, not replace the MOM. Adults should always start by playing with the child. It is a way to share a moment of pleasure. In time, the kid can play alone”, he explains. For Serge Tisseron, the accompaniment of the parents is also essential. Even if it recommends to limit as much as possible screens before the age of 3 years, the analyst estimated that children can enjoy digital objects, but during short periods of time. “The tablets can be used but in complementarity of traditional toys . And it is better to choose games including a narrative. ” The doctor Tisseron also advises parents to comment on games, to explain the path of history: “it is important to bring the screens outside, benchmarks of temporality and causality. New technologies are promising, but opportunities for babies are still limited. And buy a Tablet only a toddler seems pointless,”concludes the specialist.
In the end, it is to you to see if you want to or not to introduce your little one to digital tablets. But you lend him your or her bid one specially designed for young children, a watchword is: play with moderation.