Welcome to Timbuk2 Bag Department Store

It’s like with a good old friend whom we ever not have seen with Timbuk2. We meet again after years for the first time and it has been so, as you never would be gone. Who already knows the bag department store, knows that Timbuk2 is not a completely new brand for us. In fact, she was one of the first brands in the shop next to Crumpler and is finally available again in the range. Timbuk2 has advantage of the break and mightily spruced up and convinces more than ever with cool looks and great features. Continue reading Welcome to Timbuk2 Bag Department Store

Trekking in Wheat’s Railroad by MaurÍCio Ariza

This story was one of the finalists of the Camper Contest Writer.
She ended the period of votalão popular with 143 vote
Site History: Between Guaporé and Muçum/RS
Date of story: 22 to 24 February 2013
Submitted by: Maurício Ariza Continue reading Trekking in Wheat’s Railroad by MaurÍCio Ariza

Thais Create Cover of Anti-Theft Backpack Ultra-Durable for Backpacking

The largest existing trauma for both of backpacking is to have your equipment stolen or stolen. Despite being the hippest trip style exists, there is the danger of vulnerability that someone with an x-Acto knife to cut the body of the bag and take what you have inside. Continue reading Thais Create Cover of Anti-Theft Backpack Ultra-Durable for Backpacking

Local Business Explorer

Oakley is an American brand conceptualized among the young audience, both male as female that loves riding in style, using quality products. The catalogue of the company has several types of shoes, clothes, watches, backpacks, caps and other accessories, but in this article we will talk specifically about the Oakley glasses. Continue reading Local Business Explorer

Children’s Backpacks Men’s and Women’s

In a few days the school year starts again, so it’s best to start accelerating purchases of school supplies. Among the most sought after items that are part of the daily lives of thousands of students from around the world are the backpacks. In the site out site the consumer will find backpacks from R $ 79,90; Of the most varied models and colors, however the electronic portal is not the only one that is with promotions of backpacks. Continue reading Children’s Backpacks Men’s and Women’s

Different Types of Backpacks

If you’re going camping, the ideal is to have a backpack. OK, it’s forgivable that you bring a bag, if you drive. But understand that the difference between a case and a backpack goes far beyond the format:
A “backpacker” is an adventurer, an Explorer, a person who is open to new experiences, that carries your stuff in your own back, so self-sufficient and sustainable. Continue reading Different Types of Backpacks

Deuter ACT Lite Backpack Review 65 + 10 l

In this review, I will talk about the Backpack ACT 65 + 10 l Lite from Deuter. She is part of the ultrasonic ligth line composed of 5 bags, that being the largest model with maximum capacity of 75 litres and weighing 1.99 kg.

Mochila Deuter ACT LiteI tested it on both backpacking and trekking. If you follow the posts here on the blog have probably seen pictures of her on our trip through Latin America and in our tracks and crossings on the northern coast of São Paulo. Continue reading Deuter ACT Lite Backpack Review 65 + 10 l