Crochet Bag: 80 Cute Models with Graphics and Recipes!

An accessory always present in the women’s wardrobe is the bag, and it is rare that you only have one little model; On the contrary, it is common to have several styles of bags in different materials. And in that collection, do you already have the crochet bag? Continue reading Crochet Bag: 80 Cute Models with Graphics and Recipes!

How to Use: Furla Candy Bag

Furla is an Italian brand of handbags, accessories and shoes. The name became popular in 2011 when a specific purse model was (and still is!) Heavily used by famous bloggers like Chiara and Betty:the Candy Bag. The bag has a medium size, but the features that most attract attention are the many color options, the material used and the transparency (at least in some). Continue reading How to Use: Furla Candy Bag

Launer: Death of Margaret Thatcher Is Again Popular Their Handbags

Margaret Thatcher, the “Iron Lady” who is venerated by the British at the same time and hated. You could see this in these days right at her funeral. While a a great politician paid tribute, had free rein to a person who has ruined the British social services in their eyes to others their contempt and her ridicule. Come we because Margaret Thatcher was at this point to something more mundane things, whether unintentionally or not, for so many is a also a fashion model.

Continue reading Launer: Death of Margaret Thatcher Is Again Popular Their Handbags

WANT Les Essentiels De La Vie – Meeting in Florence

Just returned from winter’s fashion happening number 1, Pitti Uomo in Florence, and with a lot of impressions and inspiration in your luggage. The next few weeks, you will receive some brands that we met in Florence, where we had the opportunity to become acquainted with the owners or key employees. First up will be the Canadian accessoarföretaget with the long name, WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie. Continue reading WANT Les Essentiels De La Vie – Meeting in Florence

How to Tell Fake Guess Handbags

The fashion accessories for women are the point of reference of the great brands, who create authentic wonders. The handbags, especially, are the most popular in the world. The Guess brand creates relatively affordable price pockets compared to other fashion houses, but there is a parallel market that is dedicated to imitation. Continue reading How to Tell Fake Guess Handbags

Where To Buy Handbags

Buy that Louboutin need no longer be a distant dream. Meet the thrift store online that only works with Designer items at prices far more into account

Is there anything hotter than being fashionable spending little? Every woman likes. Especially when the pieces are timeless and will last for years. Now, what woman doesn’t dream of having at least one Chanel bag or a shoe Louboutinto your call? After all, these pieces are true classics, right? And give a special touch to any production. Continue reading Where To Buy Handbags

How to Wear Men’s Accessories

Hats, watches, ties and wallets if choice express all the personality who uses. And why don’t you dare? If anyone still has doubts that fashion is also an interesting subject to men, just take a look around: they are more vain and show signs in several details when using some accessories to compose looks creative and full of attitude. Continue reading How to Wear Men’s Accessories

How to Match the Black Jacket

Know How to match the black jacket is essential as all women have one but it is equally important to do so by following the trends and fashion combinations. That is part of a business suit or is purchased separately, the classic black jacket is often relegated to the bottom of the wardrobe, forgotten and dusted off perhaps only on special occasions like a job interview. Continue reading How to Match the Black Jacket

“Invisible Inhabitants” by Rogério Lima

One of the most interesting roles of fashion is your expertise in relevant causes to society. And that’s exactly what the designer miner Rogério Lima, specializing in handbags, proposes with the exhibition “Invisible Inhabitants”, one of the actions of the 15th edition of the Minas Trend. Continue reading “Invisible Inhabitants” by Rogério Lima