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How to Choose Right Necklace

How to Choose Right Necklace 2

The necklace is one of the most charming ornaments, loved and appreciated by women as a symbol of femininity. Its origin is lost in history and probably represents one of the first accessories to enhance the feminine beauty that mankind has discovered. His appearance…
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Choose the Right Necklace

Choose the Right Necklace 3

Choose the right channel: advantages and disadvantages of the main cracks The choice of the mesh is obviously the main criterion when Choosing a chain or necklace. The aesthetic appeal of your favorite stitch will often determine the string on which will…
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Trend: Moustache!

Fashion is increasingly eclectic and fun. Many elements seen fever and gain space on the street, but little is known why some symbols. So the Fashionistando was search where did the little whisker/moustache who won rings, shirts, necklaces and the like.