Tank Top Guide

As announced already on Face book, we have the issue of tank top made. Although lacking the right weather for the cool shirts, but the summer can surely not be long in coming and who then even that has correct tank tops in the Cabinet, has done everything right. As always we explain how your tank suitable can combine top you and what to consider about our basic article.

Fit of a Tank Top

As always, the central question in the selection of the correct tank tops should be the fit. In the fashion blog of biotionary, we always preach that the fit is the be-all and end-all. A tank top should have but trouble no one to find something suitable. If you think tops on the subject of tank close fine ribbed undershirts, however, is on the wrong track. A tank is much more about loose-fitting top and long cut shirts without sleeves, which quite hot especially on the days are. But back to the fit. A tank top should be loosely sit and not figure-hugging. It should be slightly longer than a normal T-Shirt and basically should stop the shirt on the half of the buttocks. A too short tank top, pulls the upper body in the width as it is loose cut. The longer the tank acts the narrower top, upper body, doesn’t mean the reverse, that should help anyone who wants wider impact a short tank top. Tank tops must be long, everything else looks weird. Similarly to the makers. Wider men should select broader beam, a thin spaghetti straps would also support the width, it is necessary so the thinner the carrier the wider is the cross. Adopt the proportions should so a large carrier (7-8cm)gewählt be. Who is slightly thinner can access something narrower straps (2-3 cm). The snippet should be selected according to the same criterion. Wide men access to larger snippets, smaller men to something closer. Overall the neckline can be selected but quite loosely, since the tank top should be cut itself loose, a close cutout makes as little sense. Again briefly to the overview:

– Wide men: long cut, large cutting width of liner

– Narrow men: shorter cut, smaller, thinner carrier

Important, producing the most fashion brands tank tops of course for the average man, so who is not particularly wide or narrow can wear almost anything. For our combined, we have chosen a simple tank top, Skinny Jeans, Cap and sneakers. Everything kept plain and simple. The view is clickable. So just click on the product and you can buy directly there.


Based on the fact that a tank top are somewhat unconventional and just come in the trend, there is currently little alternative. Results so that a more authentic look should be casual and cool. Skinny jeans, sneakers, shorts, caps and hats fit perfectly to tank tops. Rolled jeans, beards, tattoos and big headphones also. A casual look is with all of these things can easily create. Sneaker, tight jeans, tank top and you’re done already. A tank to combine top is really very simple. Tank tops are actually a miracle. Everything what you wear with them seems at once extremely cool. So don’t be afraid, just buy two cool tops and just wear jeans and sneakers and not much you can do wrong. Tank tops should be addressed of course only there, where it’s warm, and when it is hot. Who wants to wear something about, can carry everything what goes well with a T-Shirt. Cardigan, sweater, jacket, parka, etc. We find very cool especially thin, loosely cut parka with hood. Here is a small selection of tank tops. Just click and you’ll come to the shop.