Ten Navigation Devices Up to 700 Euro

Who is travelling a lot professionally, and not on a local passenger as pilots can leave themselves, will appreciate the help of a navigation device. A jam Warner, a godsend for frequent drivers among the features of the more expensive devices in most cases. Another difference between the cheaper devices is the good facilities with cards. Not only in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are installed, but also, to varying degrees, the street maps of European foreign countries. COMPUTER image took ten Navis to 700 euros under the microscope.

Jam Warner
Only three devices under 300 Euro contained a storage Warner the Medion E3415 the TMC Pro service, the NAVIGON 2110 and the Navman F50 TMC traffic jam Warner. At the more expensive Navis TMC TMC Pro is standard throughout. Here too is not all gold: traffic jam warning recipients in the bury naviflash 1040i have failed for example in weak FM stations then the unit heard some of current traffic info.

Navi tests at a glance

10 images to the photo gallery which Extras still exist in navigation devices?
maps: drivers one is dependent on updates and extensive maps. It is supplied with mostly more expensive Navis. If you want to make sure in actuality and scope, check both before purchase. On some devices, it is not possible to refer to the date of publication of the maps. Then opt for a different device. Questions before purchase even after the cost of updating the maps. Here there are some large differences.
handsfree: A useful extra for mobile phones with Bluetooth function. Because at the same time you can navigate and legally make calls while driving by cell phone. You hear your conversation partner about the loudspeaker of the Navis. Voice control: Who type addresses in the navigation system while driving, endangering themselves and others. Therefore, more Navis allow complete operation via voice command. But so far it lacks many devices to computing power for the accurate word recognition, also driving noise can interfere with the voice control. Photo Viewer: Glad to to have always some snapshots to the present. Guide: so far only a few offer. Disadvantage: Often there are only scarce information for major cities. MP3 player: Is meaningful only if the Navi can play the music over the loudspeakers of the car radio. For this, you need either a cable between Navi and car radio, an A2DP profile (only for car stereos with Bluetooth function) or an FM transmitter. Photo-realistic: some Navis show attractions as a 3-D models. NAVIGON Navis to faithfully reproduce down bending signs at interchanges. Worked in the test but not always.

Test: ten inexpensive Navis to 300 Euro