That start the party! Everything about the Carnival of Loures 2018

The Carnival of Loures is one of the biggest celebrations in the country and has more than 80 years of history. Know what’s going to happen this year.

That start the party! Everything about the Carnival of Loures 2018

Every year tens of thousands of people celebrate the Carnival of Loures, by its great tradition, but also by having a schedule very lively, where there are many parades, carnival, dances, the Burial of Shrovetide, among other events during the five days of festivities.

The Association of the Carnival of Loures is responsible for the organization of this event that will count with 1500 extras and 15 floats that will travel the streets of Loures, giving them even more color and joy.

The theme this year is “Toys of Revelry” and the visitors will be able to witness events of subjects as varied as the “Wonderful City”, the charmed life in the seas, the grape harvest, and even nursery tales, such as “Sítio do Pica-Pau Amarelo”.

In addition, until February 18, will be open to the public exhibition about the Carnival Hick, at the Municipal Gallery of the Building October 4.


From day 10 up to day 14, many are the events for those who want to enjoy the best that the Carnival of Loures has to offer:

  • 10 February, 21: 30: Dance of the receipt of the Kings of the Carnival 2018, in the Pavilion, Peace and Friendship, and with animation in the Band of the Signal of the DJ Van Breda and DJ Telmo Pereira, till 04h
  • 11 February, 14: 30: Parade of carnival
  • February 11, 21h: Evening foliona in the Pavilion, Peace and Friendship with the DJS Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
  • February 12, 22h: Dance Bumbling in the Pavilion, Peace and Friendship, with animation of the Band Signal and DJ Tiago Bandeiras
  • 13 February, 14.30: Parade carnival
  • 14 February, 21: 30: the funeral Procession of the Burial of the Carnival of Loures 2018
  • 14 February, 23: the Reading of the Testament of King Momo D. Ocarário XLV, followed by fireworks in the City Park


The Carnival of Loures is one of the largest carnivals in the region of Lisbon and Portugal. 1934 is the official date of the beginning of the celebrations of the Carnival of Loures, and, years later, the same turned out to be forbidden, by order of the National Constituent Assembly. He returned in the 70’s so not continuous up to the nineteenth century. XXI.

To cement the tradition, in the year 2000, was created the Association of the Carnival of Loures, which had the fundamental support of the civil Parish of Loures city Hall.

Currently, the Carnival of Loures is considered to be the largest event in the municipality of Loures, always counting with thousands of participants and plenty of fun and floats.