The Android Team Wishes Us Happy Holidays with This Nice Video

Unless you’ve been living in a cave incommunicado and expelling any intruder that comes close to a distance of less than a hundred meters so that the notion of time is lost, We are in the holiday season. Are those times in which the gathering around the relatives and close people are the order of the day.

With this come the congratulations from all kinds of contacts, friends, and professionals, and between them could not miss the greeting from the Android team. So they have decided to show a touching and geek video which shows the benefits and capabilities of the operating system, all adornador of goodwill and generosity that should succeed on these dates.

No doubt an image very cheerful and festive show the benefits of Android, such as applications, support Miracast, the number of different phones and system of panoramic pictures among others. A funny video that will bring you a smile, which is what should get the congratulations of the holidays more than one.