The Bike and Reach The Market for a Price around 120 Euros

There are many people following the success of the G bike good value quality/price are eager to meet the new creation of Motorola, the rumored E Moto, that will be presented the next day 13 as the new commitment even cheaper from manufacturer.

If leaks that came exclusively from Engadget Mexico met the E bike would be a rung below the G bike in features, with a 4.3 screen inches or processor dual-core 1.3 GHz, but also in price, according to the latest rumors would be around 120 Euro.

Filtration on this occasion becomes import India Zauba page, collecting as 1,300 units of the E bike, in black and white, would have come to the country at a unitary price of 6.330 Indian rupees, 76 euros at current Exchange, but to get an idea of which will be your final price we have to take into account several factors.

Those 76 euros would cost for retailers, so to get the final price of the device should be added outside these established to the device. If we take into account also that Europeans tend to pay more than in the US or in the India, where the G bike to change is to 128 and 148 euros, is expected that terminal ronde the 120 euros in Spain or other European countries.

Still, to reveal all the unknowns about the new economic handset of Motorola, it would be a surprise that wasn’t the E bike but anything could happen, we have to wait to your presentation next Tuesday, that of course will watch from here.