The Different Types of Water Pumps

Piece is found in the submerged versions, centrifugal, auto aspirante, and peripheral injection.

Indicated to transfer water from one place to the other, the water pumps are connected to pipes, responsible for this passage. The play is recommended for the transfer of a well to a reservoir, for use of non-potable water or artesian wells to water tanks, for eating or preparing food. In case of flooding, the product also fulfills the function of performing the rain using suction pumps suitable for dirty or turbid water, draining the accumulated water to a suitable location.

There are various pumps on the market like the submersible pumps, centrifugal, self-priming, and peripheral injection. For you know more about each of them, we separated the main features of different models of water pump. Check it:

Submerged:  the products are submerged in water, which divided into two groups called submersible and submerged. The submersible pump performs work for a specified period (which varies depending on the manufacturer), but the water must be removed after use. Therefore, this pump is indicated in cases of flooding. Submerged are produced to stay in the water. The models may be at a maximum depth of 20 meters – value that varies from product to product. To control the volume of water inside the reservoir is indicated the installation of a level sensor.

Auto aspirante: pump model that works above ground, suitable for wells or ponds of up to seven meters deep. This is the only model that does not require valve installation, responsible for retaining water that does not flow back into the well because the accessory is already built into the product. The auto aspirante pump also acts on two important fronts: transfers large amounts of water volumes and provides optimal pressure.

Peripheral: model also works above ground, recommended for sites of up to seven meters deep. This requires the pump check valve installed at the water does not return into the well. It performs best with low volume of water and has high blood pressure.

Centrifuge: pump used in dry areas above ground. The product works in places up to seven meters in depth and requires the installation of the valve. Unlike peripheral pump, centrifugal provides high volume of water transfer at a low pressure.

Injection: due to power and the ability to increase the suction of the water, this pump reaches depths of up to 20 meters.