The Front of The Moto X + 1 a Greater Size See Screen and Front Speakers

They will be getting new images of what is assumed that it is the renovation of the Motorola Moto X, by many known as Moto x + 1. The average HelloMotoHK shares with us a few snapshots that pick up the front of the new device.

Screen size will grow, and I don’t know if it is something that will please everyone, since the current model is quite manageable. Also it seems that the area will be larger than where they are accommodated the front speakers.

In one of the images we have it compared directly with a Motorola Moto X, being clear resizing. Is committed to a growth to the 5.2 inch, Since the 4.7 inches of the original model.

Marcos theme seems to be well spent, and if not for so great speakers openings, the front would not be so strongly. We also like that there are speakers front, and more if they come with quality and size. Do you plan Motorola one response to HTC Boomsound?

There are voices in this technological media that are committed by a new Moto G, instead of a renewal of the Moto X. whatever it is, it seems that September 4th we will have news officially.