The Games of Tegra Zone Are Incompatible with The Other Dual-Core

This is something that we feared long ago, but who did not want to write until you have one confirmation, that has come at this time with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy SII in some markets. Already several weeks ago with the pre-series versions failed to verify that terminal Samsung pointer It was not compatible with the games developed and optimized for the Nvidia Tegra 2 platform, which is now confirmed with the terminal just come on the market.

In addition, these games optimized for Tegra 2 will not be supported with no other dual-core smartphone that does not integrate the Nvidia platform, read in addition to Samsung Galaxy IBS, HTC Sensation, for example.

This is a major drawback to add to the already if problems fragmentation on Android, and is that we will now have to decide to buy us a terminal if you want Tegra 2 or not to have those games or not.

Beyond explained the problem, it can be said that at the hardware level the game will run without problems, Although it seems that you due to elements of internal security at the games developed for Tegra 2, these they will not work on a different hardware. It is a paradox, since if the Tegra chip was created initially for treating a broad group of devices of minimize fragmentation, now processors that use the same “ core ” (Cortex A9), fall outside the Tegra Zone and games that are available.

Confirmation of this comes from developer community, since in xda-developers is proved the Samurai II: Vengeance with negative results. For the time being We do not know if there will be progress in this aspect, Although we think it is very bad news that the Tegra 2 world is closed to devices that only use this platform. Don’t we have enough fragmentation already?