The History Of The Erotic Watch

There are two months the brand Richard Mille has a lot made about her by unveiling a timepiece that is unusual. With the watch RM 69 Erotic Tourbillon, the Swiss company has delivered its interpretation of erotic shows, both modern and confusing. Thanks to a system of rotating cylinders, it allows to pass naughty messages in all discretion. An example ? “I want to caress you madly” (“I madly want to caress you”). At least, it has the merit of being clear. The brand even amused herself with the provision of a power reserve of 69 hours to push the concept to the end.

If the erotic watch becomes trendy these days, it has evolved a lot since its invention at the end of the seventeenth century. At the time, it was the appearance of the minute-repeating movements that gave birth to them. Without them, it was impossible to operate the automata displayed on the dial, which took the form of characters busy with polished games. In Geneva, these very naughty watches were often offered to newlyweds but, more generally, they allowed the aristocracy of the time to slide the conversations on more daring grounds… Back on a history not very orthodox.

The erotic watch to the test of moral and religious censorship

The first erotic watches, according to HOMETHODOLOGY.COM, manufactured by the greatest names in Swiss, French and English watchmaking, came up against a series of obstacles. The first of these was of a technical nature, because the insertion of automata into a timepiece requires meticulous work of miniaturization. But it was especially the energy expended by these complications that was problematic, and all the more so when they were associated with other functions. A problem that was found later with the transposition of these naughty scenes watches pockets models with bracelets. Integrating an automaton into a small watch represents a real challenge, which explains why this tradition was somewhat lost in the twentieth century. But what is retained is that the challenges imposed by the making of erotic watches has made it possible to advance watchmaking.

The second major obstacle to the democratization of erotic watches was moral and religious. If libertinism became democratic from the end of the seventeenth century, and the philosophy of the Enlightenment, decency could not decently be infringed with impunity. Watchmakers therefore invented a whole series of stratagems to reassure their customers and escape prohibitions, or other confiscations and destructions. The methods used were numerous, such as the use of a double cover to conceal the automatons in a watch of conventional appearance. Others have decided to play with the cover of the pocket watch: once it opened, a scene of seemingly innocuous, even religious, revealed playful games. All the means were good to escape the censorship.

Today, religious censorship no longer exists… but morality remains. This is the reason why watchmakers continue to conceal the erotic inclinations of their timepieces. Some opt for a naughty scene on the bottom of the watch, out of sight. Sometimes this coquetry is associated with a reversible dial to change scenery depending on the context and a mood more or less childish. But other brands imagine much more complex stratagems to continue evolving the erotic watch. In addition to the surprising RM 69 by Richard Mille, Perellet’s Turbine Erotic collection is a fine example of a 21st century erotic watch. It is thanks to the movements of the wrist that the twelve blades of the dial begin to turn faster and faster to reveal naughty scenes inspired by the Hentai imagery, the version reserved for the adults of Japanese mangas.

The erotic watch is anchored in the watchmaking tradition. However, we advise you not to wear it under any circumstances. While it can serve as a starting point for a light conversation, for example, advise you not to wear it for a first date with a woman, let alone for a job interview. But after all, it’s just advice you do not have to follow…