The Huawei Nova 2 Will Be Presented On May 26

Huawei is currently in one of his best moments. The Asian firm has turned its smartphone business into a giant that rivals other manufacturers like Samsung or LG, having even gone so far as to beat them in sales on occasion.

 It seems that the company does not want to lose the streak, so it is making sure to renew its catalog as soon as possible.

One of the terminals that Huawei will present soon will be, according to what we have learned thanks to areacodesexplorer, the Nova 2. If you sound this device is because its predecessor was introduced in September last year, during the IFA Berlin. Fortunately, everything points to Huawei has not spared the new generation of “Nova”, and is that improvements would not be scarce.

Huawei Nova 2, Possible Features

Rumors from China say that Huawei Nova 2 could be introduced on May 26, and as a main incentive,Huawei has used aesthetics and specifications to make this medium range to attract users. And is that if the Huawei Nova was a terminal with a premium design and mid-range features, its successor could not be less.

According to the leaks, the device would have the Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 under the hood accompanied by, presumably, 4 GB of RAM. Unfortunately, the exact amount of internal storage that the Huawei Nova 2 will enjoy, as well as the size of the screen or the resolution of the screen is unknown.

As it can be seen in the supposed filtered image, the aesthetics of the new smartphone changes compared to the original Huawei Nova, taking a design philosophy quite similar to the iPhone. Also, in the filtration we can also see a dual camera that would have a resolution of 12 megapixels, something new in the Huawei Nova 2.

What do you think about the design of Huawei Nova 2?