The Intention Adamant Mountain Sports

Recently, Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson have managed to hold the rise in free from Dawn Wall El Capitan in Yosemite Park. In January, they have undertaken with a last attempt giving everything of themselves, after seven years of effort.
Tommy climbed to 15, one of the corded roped parties more difficult, but Kevin was frustrated with her for seven days. Kevin has been persistent and they finally managed to climb, after 19 days on the wall.
How was that Tommy and Kevin were persevering even with so many adverse conditions?
The Warriors must demonstrate your climbing skills that give them the best chance to achieve their goals. Qualities such as perseverance, trust and commitment. As they demonstrate these qualities?
It has to do with intent. The intent is defined as attention focused in the direction of a choice. The Warriors choose to focus your attention on processes that occur at every point along their journey. Doing this creates a adamant intention to move freight, step by step, regardless of how small the sleeping bag is, says SPORTINGOLOGY.
The warriors want the stress of the experience; that’s where they feel alive. We need to examine how we deal with the results end up being smaller than our expectations to understand how to keep our attention focused on stress. When we climbed, we can climb to the top, or fall.
Reach the top meets the motivation of ordinary people to achieve final results. However, no final results we achieved always. Most of the time we fall or rest in hanging on the rope. To be efficient in achieving our goals and enjoy the journey that will lead us to these goals, we must pay attention to how regimos the results.
Kevin has obtained multiple results in 15 that were worse than corded your expectations. These results could create frustration and probably created it in some way. The frustration, however, does not help us solve the problem; She distracts our attention.
To succeed, focus your attention on Kevin needed that he needed to do to climb.Your intention should be uncompromising, focused on what he needed to do to climb.
The intention of Tommy also needed to be inflexible. He had already been able to rise to 15 with some speed corded. He could have said to Kevin quit, for which at least one of them could climb in the difficult final roped parties free before a winter storm approached.
Tommy could have stayed frustrated with Kevin, but he remained curious as to the possibilities of the team succeed. The intention of Tommy was a rise in double free. Tommy was persevering, but another that Kevin.
Ordinary people do not reach your goals when you frustrate as fast as they expect. Your motivation is geared towards making progress fast.When they fall they are frustrated. With frustration enough, your motivation decreases and your commitment too. Your intentions begin to wobble.
If Tommy and Kevin were motivated by achieve their goals quickly, they would have given up years ago. They were steadfast because they understood that it would take a long time and they had a lot to learn.
They also need to be confident of having the skills needed to succeed.That confidence comes from development in climbing through the experiences on the walls.
The warriors do not frustrate. They understand that frustration is wanting something (achieve the result) for nothing (effortlessly-without learning). They know that achieving goals requires a lot of time. They are motivated by a commitment process slow, stressful and with learning.
When they fall on a climb, they are curious to know what contributed to this result. Something was missing in your mental and physical ability that caused the crash. In other words, something still needs to be learned. The Warriors remain curious so they can learn what they lack.
The Warriors also like to achieve the goal, but the learning that they will experience in their journey is the most important to them. When you motivate by performing a slow and stressful, the intention of the Warrior becomes inflexible.
It focuses attention on direction of commitment, in the processes that occur in the moments of their journey. With an unbending intent, directed to the processes that occur during the climb, the Warriors show all your other qualities that are important to achieving goals. They are persistent, confident and committed.
We can’t sustain our motivation unless we have an intention also inflexible. We should want to be in the middle of stress. If we get frustrated for not progressing as quickly as we want, so it and she’il FRY our learning process. But, if we remain curious if we are warriors, our intention will be inflexible. With the intention to inflexible, we accelerate our learning and experiencing the experiences and feel alive during the journey that leads us to our goals.
Practice tip: be aware
You get frustrated when does not progress with the speed you expect?
Recognize this as your motivation drifting away from commitment to a process of slow and stressful learning (motivation of warrior), toward a desire to achieve final results quickly (motivation of ordinary people).
You should be aware your motivation to deviate. With attention and awareness, you can redirect your attention to the motivation of the Warrior.
Establish an intent to motivate with the commitment to a learning process slow and stressful.
Doing this will focus your attention on the processes of the journey.Your intention will be inflexible, creating a persistent effort, confident and committed to achieve your goals.