The LG Optimus Black Will Arrive This Month to Europe

In recent months we are seeing as several manufacturers they have grown a lot in the hands of Android, It is as well as discussed the resurgence of SonyEricsson or the appearance of LG with the first dual-core Android and included Guinness record.

A terminal is the LG Optimus Black go directly to be positioned below the high-end dual-core terminals, but without lowering the high end, Since their specifications to draw attention, in addition to its construction, which will make it work well depending on prices and operators. As well, the Korean LG has announced that the new terminal with Android will be available in Europe before the end of the current month, to get more later to Asia and North America.

The LG Optimus Black has a 4-inch NOVA display with IPS panel, which has very high levels of brightness, of up to 700 nit. By comparison, LG developed the display of iPhone 4 with great characteristics of brightness, but it moves in about 500 nit.

As it goes beyond, the battery consumption is not resentful by this great screen brightness, while the 1500 mAh battery are not a high capacity, and in terms of power we find ourselves with a Texas Instruments OMAP 3 processor at 1 GHz. The terminal will be with 2GB of internal memory.

With regard to the rest of the hardware, the terminal will have all the basic features that you have been doing essential in the rest of Android phones, and will feature a meritorious front camera of 2 megapixel, which will accompany the 5 MP rear.

In terms of software, the terminal will be accompanied of Android 2.2 Froyo, Although it is expected that LG update soon their main phones to Gingerbread, basically so that they can use the new Google Talk with video calls and thus justify the front camera.

Another highlight of the LG Optimus Black is without a doubt its thinness, that stays on 9.2 mm, and weighs 109 grams. By features, you are going directly to compete with the SonyEricsson Xperia Arc in this high range without dual-core that has been generated in recent times.

The terminal already It appears in the catalog of the operator Orange and LG, in a move similar to the Samsung with the SII Galaxy, has announced that it is preparing the availability for 50 countries with 56 different operators. While we wait for the official release of the launch, we can speculate that the price shall not exceed 500 euros and open mouth with the following video showing the new handset from LG:

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