The Motorola Moto G with LTE Connectivity Is Seen by Amazon

Update, It confirms Lte model during the launch of the Motorola Moto E, your free in our market price will be of 195 euros

Normally we don’t pay too much attention to what is offered in stores, by novel as it may seem, but the case that concerns us is interesting by its protagonists: Amazon and Motorola Moto G.

All indications are that he would be preparing a version of the phone with connectivity Lte, something that our colleagues from Mexico had advanced us – besides a Variant Ferrari – in the middle of last month.

When Motorola put on the market to the G bike last year, the phone liked around the world by offering price. Almost all of the details were remarkable, except for the connectivity, something we could forgive at the time, but which would make it a very sweet terminal at this time.

I discovered the existence of two new versions in April

In the famous shop are two models related to the name “Universal Lte”, which correspond to two colors, black and white. Interestingly there is image of the first tone. In both cases the date of availability is put in the 30 June, and its price., $220.

All these information come to light hours before the event that Motorola has prepared for today, which all look forward to a Motorola Moto E, but now do not rule out that additional surprises, as we told you that there are. As you might expect, information appearing on Amazon has disappeared from the map.

If all you have is some, pay $220 for Lte seems priced fair, taking into account that there ask $200 3 G 16 GB version.