The New Motorola Shamu Shows Signs of Life and Is Positioned as a Possible Nexus 6

The last days performance tests designed for mobile phones are giving us some unexpected surprises. Less than a week ago the database of GFXBench allowed us to know the possible specifications of the G2 Moto Motorola, and today this repository has brought us something with him that we did not: first performance index of the Motorola Shamu, mobile phone which, according to some sources, will be marketed by Google Nexus 6.

The penalty is that on this occasion, and unlike what took place a few days ago with the G2 Moto, GFXBench does not offer us a detailed description of your specifications. Even so, it gives us a very important clue that allows us to guess fairly accurately what will be your SoC: its performance compared with the one of other smartphones, as the Z2 Xperia from Sony, the Samsung S5 Galaxy or the HTC One (M8).

If you look on the graph of performance that you have under this paragraph, find that the Shamu practically equal performance the S5 Galaxy, Xperia Z2, OnePlus One and HTC One (M8). But the really interesting thing is that all these mobile have a Snapdragon SoC 801. The LG G3 also uses this chip, but is clearly penalized in this test for the major effort of calculation must be performed to manage its 5.5-inch screen resolution UHD.

The interesting thing is that before these results it is very reasonable to think that the Shamu will also incorporate a Snapdragon SoC 801 and offer us similar performance to the phones that I mentioned earlier. At the moment we have no further clues about their specifications, although the last days it is sounding that it could incorporate a 5.9-inch screen and a fingerprint reader similar to which incorporate the S5 Galaxy and iPhone 5s. But for the moment we must take these data “with clamps”. I will continue counting. Indeed, the moving image is a Nexus that we have placed the Motorola logo to illustrate the post. At the moment we don’t have photographs of the Shamu.