The Saga of 3G on Oi – Part 2

If you have not yet read the 3G Saga on Oi – Part 1 , read before continuing to part 2.

The Saga of 3G on Oi - Part 2

As I am Brazilian and I never give up, I keep trying to get Oi 3G running on my device. I use a Motorola Milestone with Android 2.2.1 , recently updated. Even before the upgrade the 3G was not working. Only GPRS works, despite Oi ensuring that 3G is enabled for my number. Not that I believe it, but I still can not prove it. I even tried using a 3G router, which also only worked on GPRS. With that I still wonder if the authentication information is correct, but I deleted the “device” variable.

Continuing the 3G saga on Oi, I called there again after waiting more than 72 hours for the contact promised in 24 hours. Of course there was nothing else registered there about this previously scheduled contact. It is very likely that nothing was recorded the other time, and I only believed the “poor” attendant who, by rendering a service of very poor quality, said he was doing everything to help me.

First of all, I clarify that I am using the “Hi Corporate” or “Hi Company” service, which can be even worse than the services for individuals.

But I thought there was no way Oi’s service was worse, and again I was wrong.

This time I was attended by a very rude girl or at least in a bad mood. It was even good because she hung up on me, and the call did not last long. Aside from the poor quality of the connection on any Oi-chip device, the girl still spoke as if she had a “potato in her mouth.” Really impossible to understand what she said, so much that I passed a different protocol number in the 3 times I asked to repeat.

Beware of Oi’s service

Be careful when any Oi attendant tells you that they will send the SMS protocol. Once a friend of my cousin’s colleague’s cousin’s girlfriend said they sent him a protocol … but you never know. Write it down on paper … and ask to repeat it to check it out. Even then you will have no guarantee … the number may be wrong even though you have noted it right. This has already happened to me. In fact it is very strange to depend on a protocol that the operator itself needs to pass to you knowing that if you are going to use it, it will be at Anatel when making a complaint against the operator. What are the chances this number will not be wrong when it’s convenient? It is not an accusation, but it is a case to think about.

Going back to 3G Saga on Oi

But continuing the story, I told her that I was calling from another device because I needed to set up the 3G in my Hi number. She asked for confirmation of all company data again and said,

– What do you want? (exactly this way)

– I want to configure 3G to work on my device, because according to Oi 3G is already enabled on the line. At the moment only GPRS works.

– Sir, this has cost. To be passing on this information to you, I need to speak to the person in charge of the company, is he there on your side?

– What? No … it’s not, but does it cost you to give me the 3G configuration information, type user and password?

– Password? What password sir ???? Is the person in charge of the company there or not ???

– No, no, but what I need is just an information of conf …

– Sir, I need to speak with the person in charge of the company. If he is not there I can not help him.

He mumbled something I did not understand and CALL OFF!

It really was the first one that did something like that when being serviced by a company.

But I was not surprised it happened right on Oi’s awful attendance, after all I suffered this for many years with Velox when there was no other option in my locality.

If this is how the Oi attends the corporate customer, imagine how the individual customers are treated!

The 2 protocols I received are invalid. More than 10 connections and only managed to complete 4, and in 2 did not pass me the SMS protocol as promised.

The saga continues as long as I still need the corporate number, whose contract has a fixed term and fine. Other factors have started to occur frequently in Oi’s mobile phone system, especially in recent months. The video below is a comedy. Any resemblance to real life is NOT mere coincidence.

Problems with the mobile operator Hi

Poor call quality, even in large centers. The connection stays mute, it cuts the voice.

Cross line. I’ve lost count of how many times I called one number and fell into another, and the person I called was called at the same time as a mistake.

Several times a day the phone is in the “No service” mode, and for no apparent reason.

Several people said they called and the phone was off when it was not. This occurs with several different numbers and devices of the company.

Sent SMS arrives all at once, at the end of the day, including reporting incoming calls when the phone was supposedly switched off.

The bills go wrong almost every month, being necessary to spend hours on the phone to solve.

Oi’s service is very bad at generating sagas like this.

The attendants have no preparation. They do not even know that it takes user and password to do 3G configuration.

Anyway … I do not really like the operator Hi, as I did not like when Telemar.

The rage for the Velox was even getting forgotten but now they have shown that they can be even worse.

If you do not have any services yet, please continue! If so, use the comments to share your “good” experience with your carrier.