The Spring Returned to the Port and Brought Flowers and Good Music

“The” festival alternative of the year is here and already has an influx of tourists is enormous. This year, the organization intends to 80,000 festival-goers.

Festival and Music

First day: the gray skies threatened rain, something recurring from issue to issue, but that never came to fruition – and the weather forecasts point to that continue as well (#PrimaveraSemChuva)!

With the opening of the doors of the enclosure, gives a rush to the crowns of flowers – photo with, at a minimum, 70 likes guaranteed on Instagram. In the in the Primavera Sound and not missing giveaways from: the Active Life lay your hands on a backpack difficult to achieve this year’s edition of the festival and came stuffed: a towel, a voucher of 10€ Fnac (on purchase of $ 50 or more), a box with seeds of indigenous enveloped in balls of clay, which you can plant in the garden, and the collectable more cool to the ardent fans of Spring: a book with the record photo of last year’s edition, with the schedule for the feast of the child and with half of the sheets dedicated to artists this year (photographs, discography and what is expected of the concert).

This year, once more, there are no plastic cups – the cups, decorated with Super Bock, require a security deposit of 2€, by promoting reuse.
As for transport, the Primavera Sound also ensures, through a collaboration with the STCP that seeks to facilitate the access to Park City and avoid traffic jams endless. Between the 1h and 7h in the morning, there is a direct connection between Square City Savior and the Allies with intermediate stops along the route, especially if the passage for the Av. da Boavista, Pr. Galicia and Cordage. Why take the car? The Primavera Sound is, therefore, a stronger bet on the sustainability and preservation of the environment.

The festival innovates, also, to present typical options for Porto in the recovery, spreading the word, those who do not know (only if you can forgive the tourists!), the best eats in the city Invicta – a padaria Ribeiro, the delicious pancakes of the Diplomat, the sandwiches from ham House Guedes or bifanas spicy of the Conga. But, attention, IN the Spring Sound is vegetarian friendly and allows you to opt for juices and sandwiches vegetarian on Earth, burgers vegan in the Black Mamba or the usual Go Natural.


Yesterday, the US Primavera Sound opened the doors of the Park of the City of Porto to the sound of Samuel Úria, for presentation of the latest album “Load on Shoulder”. The Spring Sound comes from, so, to reiterate, the bet on a Portuguese artist to welcome to the festival – in the edition of 2016, Manel Cruz opened the festivities.

Then, Rodrigo Leão, in partnership with Scott Matthew, involved melodicamente the thousands of people already present in the Super Bock Stage, sitting down to relax in the grass. Surprised when he presented his take of “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”, Whitney Houston.

Late afternoon / early evening: Miguel, who brought us R&B, Soul and Funk. We liked particularly for this concert. Miguel had the ability to display the playlist at the risk of different versions, more rock. Some even became a little difficult to recognize from the beginning. However, the interaction with the public was a constant, and the voice was spot on.


If we had to assign the title of the best concert of the night, it would be, without a doubt, ‘RTJ, who electrified the audience with hip hop old school faithful to the roots contestatárias of this musical style. With a posture satirical in relation to the political class and the social criticism present throughout the concert, it is worth to mention the time that Killer Mike warned of a phenomenon very widespread in the festivals: the abuse of women. Hats off to these gentlemen.

Flying Lotus – design interesting, creative, but the line up was, from our point of view, unfortunate. The choice was a little maladjusted to that stage, at that time; Flying Lotus would have won more in a tent electronic, all through the night.

The last concert of the night was delivered to the heads of the poster Justice. It was a concert and solid, which fulfilled the expectations without, however, surprised truly. The game of lights was amazing and gave more life to the concert.


Today, there are more! We tell you the concerts you can’t miss, that we selected in free App IN the Primavera Sound (for Android and iOS): the Portuguese First Breath After Coma, Whitney, Angel Olsen, Nikki Lane, the long awaited Bon Iver (which comes present to you the latest and controversial album, “22, The Million”), and, of course, the eclectic Nicolas Jaar. The difficult will be to choose… Yes, because from today they open the 4 stages and the concerts are simultaneous: IN the Stage (the main stage), Super Bock Stage, Stage, the Pitchfork Stage.

With the App, don’t see schedules on paper on the floor. Unfortunately, there will always be garbage at the end of the night, or we weren’t in a festive atmosphere, but the green predominates.

Good Spring and don’t forget: you can bring the kids! Stay in the Village Milaneza, a space dedicated to the most new. Tomorrow we talk to him about it. We’ll see you there!