The Trend of the Triangle Bra

Comfort, style and sensuality. The triangle bra, that model free of bulges and structures, is one of the classics that have returned to be trend. Easy to include in the looks, this piece can be hidden and revealed – of course, with lots of class. Next, check out six versions available in Le Lingerie. Arrase, woman!

6 Models Of Triangle Bra

The triangle model  bra  is lightweight, easy to wear and super-mutable – which avoids discomforts throughout the day. This model is especially suitable for women with small breasts, medium size or with silicone prosthesis, since it does not guarantee much support.


The colorful models are ideal for women who love to dare. It is worth investing in transparent shirts or low-cut blouses, leaving a little of the bra on display. Among the favorite shades of women are red, purple, burgundy, pink and blue. All beautiful and super good!


The great trend of 2016, the “strappy” models are here to stay. In the vast majority of times lacy, these models ensure style, touch of romance and sensuality. When assembling your looks, remember to choose open blouses in the region where the strips are located.


One of the great Brazilian passions, lacy bras  combine with any production. The races dug in the sides – those that turned fever in the beginning of 2016 – are the perfect pairs of this model. Do not be afraid to show off the lace and to bring out your bold. You deserve!

Are You In Love With The Triangle Bra?

So, did you like the trend and want to adhere to the triangle bra in your productions? Access Le Lingerie to check all available options. There are classic, colorful, lacy and strapless models. And the best: your purchases can be split up to 12x on the card. Enjoy our conditions and look beautiful at all times!