The Tv Everywhere

No matter, whether the World Cup 2006 is fun on a mobile phone display or not-Nokia sets with his first TV cell phone standards in terms of multimedia equipment and comfort. We could take the high-end giant phone at its launch in the hands and under the microscope.

Even DVB-H (digital TV for handheld devices) even sends in Germany – as Nokia with the N92 starts already in the direction of mobile TV. The N92 represents the mini TV on a display that is available in this size and quality with any mobile (aside from large-sized smart phones).

The price of the new Super phones will be according to Nokia without contract at around 600 euros. As of mid-2006, the N92 in German hands to flicker. Whether that’s enough for up to the World Cup…?

At its launch could we test watch anyway, ever. What we had done and what not, you find on the following pages.

The N92 As Smartphone

Although the N92 mainly for TV and other multimedia applications is also professional users get their money. Finally, Nokia equips the device as a full-fledged Series 60 smart phone.

For example the N92 about comes with 90 MB internal memory, which also the extensive PIM functions split apart from the digicam with 2 megapixels, the integrated MP3 player and radio with Visual Radio support (personal information management). As the comprehensive address book, calendar, and the notes – all of them with Outlook include syncable. The N92 email client supports not only all common mail standards, but also with attachments is clear. And so that you have something of them, Nokia bought a viewers for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF documents. It goes without saying that the N92 can print photos directly from Bluetooth radio.

Lots of quick radio
Speaking of which: The N92 has Bluetooth and the classical infrared and USB 2.0 (full speed) and can be accessed from PCs as an external drive. So, you can replace files between phone and PC without having to install software first. Quick wireless is a wireless (802.11 g) available and the other UMTS with maximum download and upload rate of 384 kilobits per second. Current UMTS phones create in the upload just 64 kilobits.

Clearly, the N92 in terms of data capabilities to bring the complete package: video calls are possible, such as MPEG4 video streaming.For the ordinary Web, Nokia has developed a new browser, which is used for the first time in the N71, N80 and N92 models. What’s Special: The user can in addition to the current and display-related small snippet of Web page show a general view. The concept has fully convinced us the first test: who wanted to surf with his cell phone in the Web so far, had to laboriously through the pages move. The extra large view called mini map allows the user to switch quickly between areas on a page. By the way, the browser has a mouse pointer, with which the user navigates and clicks on links – all as it is used by the PC.

The N92 As TV

Kleinstfernseher for are nothing new. But digital TV phone – this is a future technology would like to mix with front of Nokia.

A short Disambig advance: DVB-H is an offshoot of DVB-T, which gradually replaced the good old terrestrial antenna TV in Germany at the moment. The TV signal is optimized with DVB-H for small mobile devices (H stands for handheld).

What can the N92 as TV?
Clear-viewing TV programs. How many, that will depend from the transmitters. In addition, the mobile offers a digital program guide. The user can remember broadcasts he would not miss on the road. Also shots are possible, even with retrospective effect, because the phone always 30 seconds between saves. As a World Cup goal record you – provided some presence of mind-, after it fell. According to Nokia, the 90 MB of integrated memory range recording for about 30 minutes. If you need more, can retrofit with a card into the miniSD form. Incidentally, the whopping 4 hours of TV use battery should suffice.

Operating and display comfort
The mobile TV is very easy to use, it works in the usual clamshell mobile phone position, as well as in tv-affineren landscape. With the five-way switch navigates the user through the programs, the additional functions can be found in a drop-down options menu.

On the 2.8 inch large screen pixels and full 16 million colors the N92 represents with 240 x 320 the TV pictures bright and contrasty – and surprisingly fluid and smooth arm. Only with very fast movements occur occasionally Grobpixeleien and slight delays in the construction of the image. This could be but also to the pre-production software, the prototype was equipped with the standing us available.

You can expect too much from the stereo speakers of the N92. They can be no more than a stopgap measure and are good only for quiet environments. For everything else, a headset or headphone is needed.

The N92 In Practice

Who reads the list of equipment of the N92, can easily lose the overview. But not, who uses the phone in practice. Because it acts Series 60 so tidy as all mobile phones with the operating system.

No wonder that Nokia but the latest N series rather than mobile phones devices known as multimedia computer: Powerful 107 x 58 x 24 mm is Nokia’s and 191 grams.That goes on the whole in order – finally all this technique must be under somewhere, and in particular the large display takes its toll. The downside: The N92 is so great that only hard with one hand to open and close is.

Processing and appearance
As with all models of the N-series Nokia gave himself much trouble to give the phone a luxurious and high-quality broadcasting. That this was possible is reflected on the prototype. The hinged/swivel of the display makes a very strong impression.

Especially charming: The keyboard and its surroundings are made out of a piece of a rubber-like material, the buttons separated from each other and even large hill in this ‘mat’. Despite the soft feel of the material appeal to the keys with significantly noticeable pressure point. At the beginning, the double label for high – and landscape-use will confuse some users. But that is quickly forgiven when they tapped the first SMS or email in landscape mode and with two thumbs up.

The digicam sits with its 2 megapixels in the hinge side of the phone that you like can keep it – which of the N90-such as a camcorder. Many different perspectives can be realized thanks to the flexibility of the display. Apropos: The screen is 2.8 inches taller with its than the screens of many current digicams. Thus, taking pictures is really fun. The verdict on the image quality remains however subject to the full test, we deliver, as soon as a series device available to us.

Conclusion: Strong Impact For The Mobile TV

Right at the first attempt, a TV phone that sets standards manages Nokia.

As a Smartphone comes with the N92 everything what you can expect from a current top phone: comprehensive Organizer -, news – and phone functions, a very comfortable Web browser, a camera with two megapixels and sufficient memory for many applications. Who would like to use the N92 but also as a replacement for his MP3 player, need to buy a memory card (up to 2 GB).

As TV the N92 more fun, as you would expect from a mobile phone. Because the device is DVB-H in good quality on very large, high contrast and high resolution display. The operation makes it no trouble, and retroactive recording you can gather together your personal top 10 of World Cup goals away from your living room-anyway, if Nokia manages to bring the N92 in time for the World Cup in the shops.

Size has its price, and that means: size. The N92 is too big that you could open it with one hand and close, but after all, Nokia has put much energy into high-quality processing and controls. Speaking of: The practical handling of the N92 is very pleasant and intuitive thanks to the surface of the series 60 operating system. And that goes also for TV functions, which in any case make less trouble than the average VCR programming.