The Ultrasonic Dog Training Collar!

Is the necklace to ultrasound a useful accessory for training your dog?

Barking a bit fine, sometimes the dog knows more to stop, but it can become very irritating. Before entering into conflict with him, better search solutions to teach him to understand when to stop. The ultrasonic collar part of non traumatic accessories, but some dispute its effectiveness. Let’s see together!

Using the Collar to Ultrasound

The ultrasonic training collar is used primarily to make it clear to your dog to stop barking immediately, according to petwithsupplies. The goal is of course to make him understand he has to stay attentive to your voice, even when he barks. It is a pedagogical and temporary accessory for the time of learning.

Therefore, it is not a necklace to wear constantly. Put your dog on limited periods and with a teaching to help them understand what is happening and what you’re trying to say through the collar!

There are other accessories to ultrasound, as the whistle with ultrasounds that has a range longer than the classic whistle and does not irritate the ears of the master and his entourage, or ultrasonic box that serves as a repellent to prevent access of a zone to stray dogs.

Today, we focus on the collar to ultrasound.

Operation of the Ultrasonic Collar

Ultrasound, they are too sharp sounds to the human ear. Beyond 20,000 Hertz, which is the frequency limit for the human ear, they are virtually inaudible to most people, with the exception of young people, who have the most sensitive eardrum and can sometimes distinguish them. The dog hears them well.

The necklace has a box that automatically ultrasound recognizes triggers and barking when the dog starts barking.

Surprise, the dog is distracted and stop barking.

Some dogs react immediately to the stimulus, others however do not seem to pay attention. Therefore, the success rate of the ultrasonic collar is not the highest.

However, it is not dangerous as can be the electric collar (more), and above all, it is suitable for small size dogs, like the Chihuahua , for example, that are too small to wear an electric training collar.

However, if your dog barks a lot, the ultrasonic collar may help you, but it will no miracle. It may be more efficient togo consult a behaviorist to work together with him to the understanding of the problem. Barking have a cause and to tackle the symptoms is not always enough to cure the problem.

Finally, remember that this accessory is especially effective if you have only one dog. If you have several, ultrasound emitted when one of them barks can disrupt others who will more understand the logic of the message!

Price of the Training to Ultrasound For Dog Collars

Once again, it’s on the internet that you will have more choices (see some examples of training collars). The price range is very wide, with an entry level less than €5 (without any guarantee on the quality of the product, which must also meet safety standards) and a top-of-range between 70 and €85. If you have a doubt, a mid range between 25 and 35 could be a good compromise.

There are many other necklaces of dressage, for more models and how to use them, click here !

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