The Villains of the Pee in the Right Place

Posted by Dog citizen in January 13, 2016-

Generally, one of the biggest complaints from owners of pets is what dogs do pee in the wrong place. Many people think that the pet simply can’t understand the message, however, there are some attitudes (Yes, attitudes of owners!) that might be encouraging this behavior wrong.

First, we need to reinforce that teaching the dog to pee in the right place is not so difficult a task, since some tips are followed. She also doesn’t have to be stressful for the owner or animal

Choice of location

A great villain of the pee in the right place is the indecision, i.e. when the owner can’t decide on the location where the dog will be and thus keeps changing the place. Opt for reserved environments, away from the walk of the pet.

Food x needs

Is not indicated, too, keep the bathroom next to where the animal feed and drinking water. Let ’em off!

Lack of patience

With insistence and patience, you can teach the dog to pee in the right place. A good tip is to restrict, at first, the locations of the animal’s circulation and encourage you to use the bathroom, rewarding every step that he has.

To note that the animal is agitated, take him to the bathroom and wait a while. If he does pee, praise and give him something that he likes enough–can be a treat, a toy etc. Whenever he repeat that attitude and hit the site, make a party. Gradually, he will make good associations and will continue to repeat the behavior, hoping to get to your attention or a tasty snack. See this article more details.


One of the biggest enemies of the pee in the right place is the beef. Fight with your pet every time he makes the needs in the wrong place can have an opposite effect. That is, the dog may associate the nervousness of the owner with the Act of peeing and do hidden or even hold it. So no lectures. When the pet Miss, ignore him and insist on training.

Don’t give up! Take the pet to the correct place, encourage the Pee and use positive reinforcement. So, things will be much simpler and the training much easier.