The Vintage Wedding Fair

Naaaa, what you’ve done so last weekend? Might actually one of the cool exhibitions visited, which are increased in Munich and Frankfurt, and I put you here to the heart ? Or had no time?

Been sick? Then comes with just now! In Munich I looked at that more accurately me, what has to offer the vintage wedding. The small, elegant wedding fair has guest finally for the first time ever in the capital. One advance-and I must say it unfortunately so much even if it may be something hurts: you guys really missed what if you were not there. Already the reception in the courtyard of the Prater island was a small show for themselves:

The Vintage Wedding Fair

A half-dozen veteran buses stood there assembled, reshaped food trucks, bar-bullies and photo buses.My favorite VW bus, the photo Rosi, from which I had told you here was for example again.Who but raced past sheer cold on the bullies inside, after the expected there too… a feast for the senses.

Wedding Photographers, Florists, Planners…

The curiosity in the innermost of the fair has driven me, because the exhibition areas in the old factory premises with its vaulted ceiling known as Munich of course only too well from other events. And what can I say? The vintage wedding has exceeded my expectations! There was for example the magical level of photographer Annett spoon wood, the sea of flowers by florist Maria Irlbeck most beautiful vintage-style, or also like easy-looking stand by Planner Desirée.

Overall I felt during my two-hour stand to stand Tingelei, as I would cast times by a time romantic playful, an airy light vintage world. Some of the booths were so elaborately decorated as a photo shoot would take place immediately. Inspirations live and in color so.

What Is The #Braut2017 So…

…das could see the visitors at one of the fashion shows – and of course stands of the bridal manufacturers and shops. Much tip remains in vogue, narrow cuts – and also models in the bride Dirndl strolled on the catwalk.

Who Can Benefit From A Visit?

Honestly? For all – of course, for all those of you who are planning a wedding in vintage style. But also, if you could win anything from the lovely vintage, there to discover a lot on InternetAges. Because the inspirations you can also on boho weddings or even urban decoration transfer. The most important is of course the contact with the service providers! And that you could get very relaxed at the vintage wedding in the conversation. If you this time so could be not there, and leave enough planning time or you just read this article in a few months: anticipation of the vintage wedding 2017 is entirely appropriate!

Fun In The Photobooth

  1. Yes.What happens when two Hochzeitsbloggerinnen (the love Patricia by wedding craze was with an own booth there-pictured left) and a planner (Sonja wedding work, mid) mean before a photobooth the honor to give you here-thanks to the photographer by Chris and Ruth, who made the fun see this stunning result!