Thermal Insulator For Camping: Why Use?

The Practice Of Camping Has Gained More And More Adherents In Brazil. However,Many People End Up Making Some Mistakes When They Go Adventuring. One Of The most Recurrent Mistakes Is Not To Acquire Some Crucial Materials For Those Who Like To Enjoy Outdoor Walks, Like A Good Thermal Insulator For Camping.

It is worth noting that the relevance of this item is not only restricted to a role as ithelps in many ways. In addition, as are light and can be loaded even outside the bag, do not influence the displacement of the adventurer.

So, we’ll show you all the following details about the thermal insulation. Come with us and learn how to choose one that actually offer comfort in times of rest and make your adventure even more pleasant!

What, exactly, is a thermal insulator for camping?

According to HISTORYAAH, thermal insulator is any material able to prevent the temperature of the external environment to mix to that of another environment, leaving them quite similar. That is, the thermal insulation used by campers is a species of mattress that has this capability, as it leaves the user free of the influence of soil temperature.

There are variations in relation to thermal insulation for campers, and the two main types are:

EVA insulation

These are the most common, being that, at the time you buy them, you should pay attention in the odor of the material (must be almost unnoticeable) and thickness.

This second aspect defines both the weight, which is usually not exceeding 500 grams, about the ability to isolate the environment. A 10 mm thick insulation, for example, can handle even in sub-zero temperatures. By forming a considerable volume,is better suited to transport them out of the bag.


As well as the EVA units, are also extremely efficient inflatable and light. However, they have a smaller volume and can be loaded inside the backpack.

In relation to the use of this material, it is worth highlighting that it should always be placed between the soil and the sleeping bag.

Why is it so important to take a good thermal insulator to the camps?

As the primary function of the thermal insulation for camping is to prevent the external temperature (mainly the ground) interfere in the internal environment, they must be used both in the cold as in the heat. It is therefore necessary to take them toany camp, either in a hot or cold temperatures.

Imagine, for example, camp out for two or three days in a location where the temperature variations are constant. In this case, even if in a day is cold and the otherheat, if your insulation is efficient, your moments of rest will be totally comfortable and you wake up ready for new adventures.

What are the main functions of this item?

With we, the thermal insulation used by those who practice camping have several roles. However, there are four functions that can be highlighted.

Preserve the internal temperature

As we point out above, this is the most important function of these “mattresses”, since, even inside the tents, campers ‘ exposure to very high temperatures or excessively cold can cause health problems.

Fix faults in the ground

Because they are manufactured with materials that fit even the irregular soils, the insulators leave the user totally comfortable, unlike when using only the sleeping bag.


Exactly because they have the ability mentioned in the previous paragraph, the thermal insulation can be used to sit on the floor when necessary, and comfort is guaranteed.

Immobilize fractures

In the case of the EVA units, there is also the function to immobilize fractures when there is a most suitable material available.

All these details presented, it appears that possess a thermal insulator for camping is essential not to go through uncomfortable situations. So, next time you go to buy a tent for camping and other materials needed for your adventures, get also a good thermal insulator.

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