These Boots are Made for Walking

Unlike the Nancy Sinatra’s song Sung boots that we now imagine, are made not only to meet their meaning and purpose – to protect the foot while running. Because they meet though, and it even look there but also still really good their purpose, high-quality manner!

The right waiting for you

Who has yet a fashionable pair boots in his closet, should act quickly, because the autumn is now rapidly spreading after the last warm rays of the Sun.

Boots are as different as the trees in autumn, so for your personal style in any case – find a matching pair or maybe two or three. Laced, buckle and zipper, patterned or plain, with or without sales – we offer several variants friends in our range so that you almost long for the cold season’s, to initiate your new treasures.

The proper care

We pay attention to quality and class, but that’s not all. Just leather needs special care due to influence of rain and salt, which is why you should maintain your boots from the first day with wax or a waterproofing and protect.

Boots of desire: ladies boots

In addition to the wonderful retro look, this year has seen an absolute revival, boots with snake tree or wood are highly sought after. With them you can put a fashion statement with thick winter jacket.

Especially in the cold season, there are enough events to which it is worth to dress chic. What fits here better than the good old classic: leather! Away from the sporting sneakers, and manufactured with a pair of shiny boots in leather, that brightens up any outfit! Boots can be worn for leggings good, to put it in focus and the legs are long and narrow.

Boots by Shabbies Amsterdam: Discover the symbiosis of elegant designs and rocky casual elements of the well-known trend brand. You look not only stylish, but keep their soft feeding your feet also still neatly warm!

Chelsea boots by Tommy Hilfiger Footwear: Even if it’s raining outside and mushy, must you not dispense with this great Chelsea boots in Leo look on taste! With the boat “Odette”, a super is guaranteed friends in bad weather!

Chelsea boots shoes Mannheim: Whether casual leisure look or smart business outfit, the boots of the young shoe labels from Mannheim in snakeskin look can be super combined.

Boots from vagabond: The chic laced boots with the characteristic points, are one of the most popular models of the Swedish shoe labels! No wonder or?

For the adventurer in the Großstadtjungle or in nature: Men’s boots

Boots are no longer imagined also from the men’s shoe cupboards. You make every outfit sportingly elegant and have a very special effect. You can combine for example prima boots to jeans, they look really cool with a hose inserted into it in the boat. With fancy boots you refined settle up any outfit and make for a guaranteed successful appearance. Boots are available for a very special attitude to life, because we associate them with nature and adventures. That makes them so special, because she simply casual look and can be nevertheless ideal than watch casual business look. The boots have coarse lace, that man well laced well can – this will create an even more feminine style that already embodies a classic boat!

Timberlandboots: When you think of timberland boots, one thinks of this model. The original waterproof boots have been designed over 40 years ago and their timeless design makes them until today to best sellers. They are characterized by high quality, waterproof leather, a seam-sealed construction and a robust profile soles thus they promise a long-lasting durability with the any type of weather and any underground cope with allow and are always ready for new adventures.

Bull Boxerboots: With these stylish boots, guaranteed, you refine your outfit. For example fit jeans!

Bull Boxerboots: These great each of your stylish outfits pimp boots on!

Boots shoes Mannheim: If you do not want to abandon even in winter style and class, these boots of the young Mannheim shoe labels are the right choice for you!

And now you!

You can find these and many more women- and Mr boots in our online shop! What model is your favorite this season?

Are you ready boots? Start Walkin’ ‘!