These Purses in Line with the Trend

The proverb “Money alone does not make happy” there is in what. What should you do with his coins, if it has no pretty way of storage? A purse has probably as well as anyone – but it is also stylish and trendy in 2013? Also see the purses, there are a wide variety of models. Big and practically with the various compartments, small and handy, colorful or plain.

Your own wallet says unconsciously a lot about the owner-what is you in everyday life are important, as reflected she prefer? Aviationopedia lists three trendy purses under which certainly many will discover the new favorite piece is!

Courage to neon

2013, it is called a stand! And not just color, but neon color! Each bright, the better. Here comes the selection of colourful  Mywalit purses but just right! This stylish model medium neon purse wallet is in neon pink, neon green, neon money and neon blue. So is exactly the right color for every type! Sure: These models are something for the very brave victims. But such a neon wallet is definitely an absolute eye-catcher and the trend of 2013!

Courage to rivets

With this purse by ABRO, women have to give opportunity their rocking side of expression! Every fashion conscious woman knows that rivets per se are the trend this year. Whether on boots, you can go just wrong jackets or even purses – so.

Courage to reptile optics

This purse of nice things is inexpensive and yet so chic and fashionable thing for it small wallet -! It the timeless trend of leather with reptile look and the current trend color masterfully combines with each other and radiates in bright yellow with the Sun to the bet!

No matter what trend one decides: with all three, a trendy appearance is a guaranteed-also with regard to the wallet!