Thicker Multimedia Slide

The Nokia N91 is huge memory and equipped with a powerful music player, really fun. But the stainless slide is not really handy.

The Nokia N91 have the full Pack for data collectors, music lovers and networker: the integrated hard disk provides massive space with a capacity of 4 GB. UMTS, USB, and Wi-Fi are available for rapid data exchange and ample multimedia features have also donated the Finns.

If the N91 as Smart phone can convince as to the qualities of his PDA and what else in noble steel, read here.

Phone Features: Strong Traffic

The N91 has all important phone functions to the touch thanks to Symbian S60. NetWorker and data collectors are likely to enjoy Wi-Fi and plenty of storage space.

Phone functions
The Nokia N91 can be used worldwide thanks to tri-band in many GSM networks. For exploring the Web and video-supported telephone calls, UMTS is on board-but missing the second camera for convenient video calling. Our tester also had problems, to initiate video calls.

As the operating system is Symbian OS Series 60 to the course. This enables a powerful contact database can be used, which is versatile expandable. User groups, specific images and sounds for participant or group, voice dialing, voice control customizable profiles and push-to-talk are just a few important features.

Memos, phone calls and sounds can be recorded using the recording function and brought to hearing as a ringtone. However, the recording time on one minute is limited. Messages in writing for either as SMS, MMS or email space in the Central, individually configurable storage system.

Data functions
When dealing with data no one makes so quickly what the N91. Almost all interfaces for fast data transmission are on board: from UMTS and USB 2.0 via Bluetooth up to W-LAN standard 802.11 g with quick 54 MBit per second. We did not find an infrared interface.

For storage, the N91 uses a hard disk with a capacity of 4 GB. But there is no further upgrade the memory. Delivery are still 3.582 MByte for own content available. That’s enough for about 1,200 MP3 files or 60 hours of music in good quality.

Data slider beware: the N91 turned in the test as a sprinter when it came to data transmission. For one, the device is recognized by the computer even without driver as an external drive. On the other hand, large test file took our almost 3 MB only five seconds for the transfer.

PDA/Multimedia: Ipod Competitor

A strength of the N91 is clearly put on the musical side: hardly a mobile is currently offering a such powerful music player.

PDA functions
Who put almost 700 euros for a Smartphone, also expecting equivalent functionality. Here, the N91 could not fulfill our expectations. Although there is an E-Mail client and Synchonisations tools, in detail, however, our test unit showed weakness. As Office files (Word, Exel, PDF) not at the factory on the phone could be consider, let alone edit.

Synchronization with the computer worked both Bluetooth and USB without any problems and was carried out quickly. In less than three minutes, 1,000 test contacts, 110 test notes, tasks and calendar entries with Outlook were balanced. Only emails could not synchronize. Via Bluetooth, the transfer took less than 20 seconds. Lotus (notes & Organizer) is also supported.

The camera resolve images up to 1600 x 1200 pixels, can fall back on a viable night mode, and provides image bursts. Much can be clipped to the hard disk as memory. Missing we have macro function and illuminator. Still, Our test images were sufficiently sharp and color fidelity.

Music player
Above all the powerful music player was fun in the test. The sound is really worth while listening through the supplied headset. Powerful bass pressure, good plasticity and various sound settings (balance, stereo widening, loudness) fell. Seven sound profiles (R & B, rock, classic, etc.) can be selected and further refined over an 8-band equalizer. You can also create new sound profiles.

Gratifying: One 3.5 mm jack for other headsets can be found on the device as well as on the enclosed remote control. In addition, the player can handle ID3 tags and works in the background of other applications. The package is rounded off musically through a strong reception FM radio. BB´s by search or from the Internet are channel lists.

Practice: Mobile – Bulk Pack

The N91 is what made in his shiny armor and can be easily mastered thanks to Symbian S60.

Key data/display
With its stately dimensions of 113 x 55 x 23 mm and a weight of 166 grams the user’s neat hand. A lot willing Mobile also with energy supplies – and quite. In the test, the battery delivered only juice for a good three hours duration talking. Here, some more endurance to face would be the power cell.

The display is large enough to easily view videos. As picture formidable isn’t through but. A little more contrast and resolution were not bad. Especially since the closely related Nokia N80 in this area delivers a much better idea.

Handling/user guide
More attention to detail would be desirable: the mass more reminiscent of an American Oldtimer as on a classy phone. In addition, the rear of the slide is sharp.

The keyboard itself is very small and cramped, but gives a good feeling of pressure and speaks quickly. This is the menu button located on the page, is getting used to. The user guide is in order. So soft keys can be defined, create shortcuts using the toolbar and store voice commands.

On the Festival website as well as for mobile phones the N91 in the test hit well. The clarity was at risk at any time, although the voices sounded partly somewhat dull. The volume was pleasantly high, especially on the mobile page. Except maybe at the free intercom conversation holperte partly up to the point of incomprehensibility.

Conclusion: Chunks Of Sound

The Nokia N91 plays its trump cards in the field of music, space and data transfer. Processing and battery life could be better.

Music lovers who are looking for a sound strong companion, should more accurately see the N91. With his hard drive and the mighty Music-facilities is it a real iPod competitor. Moreover, even the insanely fast Data transfer via USB or WiFi.

Also the versatile Phone features lets take a look. So the language choice, for example, without voice training work. The software creates the voice command directly from the phone book entry. In the PDA area small weaknesses showed our test device. Office documents could be, for example, do not display.

As underpowered, the power cell emerged during the duration test. A little over three hours of running time is too little for such a device.

Who wants to do without a large store and also musically well served, if thatSamsung SGH-i300 a look at. There is only a 3-GB-works
Hard drive, there’s a very good music player and almost 5 hours of battery life.