Three Fashion Questions and Answers

Well, well!
Now it’s time for a new everyday perfume, and I have as much as 20 perfumes I watch. How do you test so many? It works to spray on pieces of paper or something else? For 20 spots on the body is then not so good. You get used to it so quickly, also by these strong scents …:)
Thanks in advance!

To try out a perfume is and should be something that takes a little time. To have 20 perfumes in their first choice may not be optimal but it works. In the first stage it is best to use the test pieces that are in the perfume store. Work properly on the pieces so you can reconnect the scent for the right perfume. If you have as many as 20 you should sift quite heavily from the beginning. The next step is to try the fragrances on your body, but don’t expect to try more than one scent per day. The more you want to test the more return visits, it will be because of the shop. You will soon discover that certain scents smell different after you have worn them for a while. In some cases, it will be for the better, and in some cases you will get easy to opt out of a fragrance.

Hi! I’m a guy for 17 years who is in view. I go first year in high school and have a question.”Can” you go to school in costume and “clothes” when you are 17 years old and are in high school? Although it may not look great? I think it is so cool so I just need to get some kind of confirmation. My family doesn’t like me to wear such clothing but you should probably dress up in what you think is neat? Thanks in advance! /Howard

Your question is very direct, but unfortunately there is no direct response. What clothes to wear and what to do with its exterior is of course entirely up to oneself and neither we nor anyone else can tell you what you “can” and “cannot” do. You are in an age when man love to test their limits. You’d probably be surprised if you come across images of how we in Manoloredaktionen looked like when we went the first year in high school, but that’s just the way it is. Your family probably think that they think that they care about you and do not want to see that people are making fun of your outfit, but the idiots that make the fun will always be and do you feel that you dare to test, you have my full respect.

The suit is no casual wear in the context you are moving, but in five years, maybe that’s it. And when was it you who showed the way. Count with quizzical glances and “snappy” comments from classmates, but stand on you and health from us!

I have a inquiring about shirts!
When to wear shirts with and without chest pocket? and when to use shirts with or without cuffs? E it’s ok to have the cuff to a pair of jeans? or (e) the off limit?

According to, a shirt without Pocket is more formal than a shirt with chest pocket. The follow-up question is then whether there needs to be formal or not, but I myself have no shirts with chest pocket. Unable to stop anything in a shirt pocket without it looking strange or ugly out there and then there is no advantage in having the Pocket on the shirt. As for French cuffs and jeans, it is all go. I run it myself to and from then I think cufflinks are a fun accessory that gives little weight to the upholstery. Shirts with French cuffs makes itself best to a jacket or suit, but a shirt with traditional buttoned cuffs works, of course, as long as it’s probably long in the sleeve, and don’t have a too-tight closure around wrist.