Tips for Apple Watch

At the beginning of the functions of the Apple Watch can overwhelm, others are in turn very well hidden. A little jump-start.

I admit: quite like the Virgin to the kids, I couldn’t go to the Apple Watch. I was very well prepared for the day where I could carry the Apple Watch on the wrist by the many advance papers on CURVED. But I must admit: the features of the Smartwatch are not quite as self-explanatory then yet. Therefore, I have compiled a number of tips and tricks that are likely to facilitate the entry into operation of the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch continuously measures your heartbeat distributed throughout the day. However you can also manually abut the measurement. To do this you wipes just from the Watchface and the time display from bottom to top to reach the so-called “checks”. These are freely configurable shortcuts on app and system features of the Apple Watch. Wipes here to the left or right until you come to the heart rate measurement. Then the clock starts the process and shows you after a few seconds of the “beats per minute”. The measurement runs as long as you’ve opened the ‘check’.

Configure Apple Watch contacts

Well, as I can now send my heartbeat and send little drawings to other contacts, who also own a Apple Watch? Although it comes via the so-called “button” – Yes, that Apple is calling the oblong button under the Crown on the right sides of the housing – however you can add any contacts on this. This you must call the menu item ‘Friends’ on coupled iPhone in the Apple Watch app. Then, you can select the desired contact on the Apple Watch and bombard with heartbeats, drawings and all kinds of smileys.

Locate iPhone

A function that I knew to appreciate within a short period, is the ability to locate the iPhone by Apple Watch. Also you controls the corresponding map the Smartwatch in the “checks”, which you can “Do not disturb the iPhone in the” – or enable flight mode. Via a tap on the large virtual button underneath the Apple Watch sends a signal to the connected Smartphone, which then immediately betrays his whereabouts with a loud Ping.

Bring order to the homescreen

The Apple Watch clap new app icons almost indiscriminately on the existing cluster of app icons on the homescreen. If you you wish to order more, calls the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Directly above the first “App Layout” menu item, you get a mirrored view your Apple Watch home screens. Here, you can reposition the circular icons at your whim.

Uninstall apps

It runs on the iPhone: hold down longer finger on an app icon. Then click on the small “X” can delete the installed applications about right her via the icon.

Use special features of apps

Is it usually used to as Smartphoner user, next to the main of app more registers in other areas of an app to get is easy to little space on the small screen of the Apple Watch, to display additional menus. This invented Apple force touch. Do think longer and pressed firmly on the display one finger, while you are in an app,’ll get access to additional functions or different view modes sometimes. These can vary from app to app, so I can just guess: check it out.

Mute calls

Thanks to the built-in microphone and loudspeaker can also calls itself the Apple Watch. However you can also reject calls, without taking the iPhone at hand. Shows an incoming call on the clock you need to put only your hand across the screen.

Quick contacts

You can access the phone menu the Apple Watch also on all contacts from your iPhone. If you want more quickly navigate to a particular entry, you must turn the Crown only faster. Then displays in the foreground you the Apple Watch the current letters, through which it scrolls.

Save power

About the checks on your Apple Watch, you can get also the battery status and in addition enable the so-called “power reserve”. Thus you can access still time – according to Apple for another 72 hours.

Connect accessories

Directly in the settings menu of the Apple Watch you can search among the punk “Bluetooth” for other devices, which are compatible with Apple health and pair it with the Smartwatch.

Code unlock

Yes, the code lock is practical and above all safe: each time, when you take the Apple Watch from the arm, the PIN asks the Smartwatch after entering. If you do without this security feature, you can also disable the feature in the settings of the Apple Watch under “Code”.

Use the iPhone as a spy camera

You can access the Apple Watch on your iPhones camera: simply tap the camera icon on the homescreen of the watch and wait until the image has built up. Then you shoot the pictures that end up in the photo gallery on your iPhone with a click of the shutter.

(Off) sort checks

Are you also so little interest to retrieve stock values over the Apple Watch as I? In the Apple Watch app you can choose what appears where in your checks. I personally have further sorted as my calendar and the weather in the “checks” and admitted to Wunderlist kicked out the stock overview.