Tips for Buying Pearls

House our site offers different qualities of the highest category and at various prices cultured pearls. (for further information on our prices please see our purchases of cultured pearls and thalassa documentary ). We also suggest, before proceeding with your final choice, consult our guide and his advice:

Freshwater Pearls

The pearls hierarchy

The freshwater pearls are placed in the lowest rung of the hierarchy of cultured pearls. This is partly true. However, we note that the pearling industry freshwater has made ​​considerable progress in recent years. In fact, lately they are several proposals quality and the best among them are even comparable to the akoya pearls.

Generally the cost of freshwater pearls is affordable and ensures an excellent quality / price ratio. From our site, choose a freshwater pearl necklace does not need a big heritage and ensures a successful purchase.
Pearls at affordable prices
Must freshwater pearls consider to:

– the quality and beauty (on this site are solely proposed the best products on the market),
– their value on the market ( valuation accurate ),
– their price advantage due to the absence of intermediaries.

Freshwater pearls are available in 4 classic colors: white, pink, lavender and black (the black color is not natural). Our multi-colored compositions are equally available.

How to recognize a superior quality pearl necklace in a website?

After taking into account the usual value criteria (diameter, shape, color, luster, surface), there is another means from HOLIDAYSORT very ingenious and complementary that allows you to appreciate the value of a pearl necklace. This method consists of observing the difference from diameters offered in necklaces.

Example: a necklace of freshwater pearls 7mm to 8mm definitely will be worth less than a pearl necklace from 7.5mm to 7mm. Because? This is due to a much more rigorous selection of pearls. A necklace that has a difference between the beads of only 0.5mm will present both a greater harmony that higher homogeneity. Online buy a pearl necklace with little difference, it is guaranteed to buy a fine necklace.

Observation: when the diameter of the beads begins seriously to increase (9mm, 10mm, 11mm… And more), it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain this difference.

Akoya Sea Pearls

The choice of akoya sea pearls is made ​​depending on the colors, qualities and sizes. Among our selections we are proposed akoya pearls from china and japan.

Differences between the Chinese and Japanese Akoya Pearls

For some years, the akoya pearls from china and japan are produced with increasingly comparable quality (provided that the selection is very strict). The main difference between these two types of beads lies mainly in the ability of their diameter and in their gloss.

Differences in Diameter

In the present state of the market, the production of chinese akoya pearls offer mainly smaller diameters or standard, while japan’s akoya pearls are produced in all kinds of diameter and are distinguished by their ability to offer larger diameters.

Gloss Differences (luster)

The second difference lies in gloss. Japanese akoya pearls generally have a higher gloss than the chinese akoya pearls.

Misinformation about the Origin of the Akoya Pearls

Most retailers will affirm that the totality of their pearls is like coming to japan only while they are actually most likely chinese. This misinformation mass is mainly due to the image “negative” (inferior quality) of chinese pearls. The old rumors have long life but know that they are unfounded and false.

Guarantee the Origin of Our Akoya Pearls

House our site guarantees the 100% origin of its akoya pearls (from kobe in japan and southern china). Every jewel of akoya pearls is provided with a certificate attesting to the origin of its pearls. Available colors: white, golden and black (the black color is not natural).

Pearl of Tahiti

The tahitian pearls are fashionable and retain their valuable exclusivity… These pearls are very significant for their color, size and toughness (bead diameter, the east and very special luster, pearls and a variety of unique reflections).

Choose the pearls of tahiti when looking for a ring, a pendant, a pair of earrings or a necklace. The tahitian pearls are among the most pearls luxurious on the market today Available colors: black with very moderate tone, gray, silver, (various hues).

Pearls of Australia

They are regarded as exceptional pearls because of their quality, impressive size and their rarity. We recommend choosing the Australian pearls ( necklaces, rings, earrings, pendants ) if you are looking for very pearls exclusive and unique. Buy an Australian pearl is also a long-term investment.

The Australian pearls are the most distinct of all pearls. Symbolize the absolute luxury. They are declined in two natural colors: gold and white.