Tips For Lighting in the Garden

The garden is one of the most beautiful and cozy house. It is thanks to him that residents are able to enjoy a little bit of nature even in town. For this it is necessary that the look of the place is great. Let this perfect environment requires a good landscaping and the best possible lighting. Check out some tips to hit the lighting and leave your home even more beautiful.

  1. Be careful in choosing: As the garden is an external environment, he is subject to climatic factors like Sun, rain and wind. So it is not recommended to install any fixture in the garden, it is possible to see her ruin, burn and give more prejudice to the owner of the place. So when considering, give preference to lamps and lighting fixtures specific to this environment. This way you will avoid inconvenience later.
  2. Hide the wires: The wiring is a necessary evil in any enlightened environment. Outside the House, she is also a risk. When is exposed, can cause accidents and falls. Try to hide in the best possible way the wiring. The safest way is installing underground.
  3. Bet on points of light: This type of lighting is in beams of light pointed up or down. Its function is to highlight parts of the garden as plants or decorations. The technique is widely used in gardens because it gives a certain charm, in addition to highlight everything he has to offer. Depending on where you put the points of light, the look of the garden will change completely. Between trees and shrubs these lights create a more obscure, giving a “wild” appearance to the place. When pointing to plants, they highlight them more expressive. It is essential to highlight with light decoration elements such as vases, sculptures or exotic plants. Some decorators opt to put points of light flanking paths for help in time to walk at night.
  4. Use different materials to reflect the light: One of the best ways to optimize your outdoor lights is betting on reflection. When you’re choosing a vase, for example, choose one made from aluminum or iron details. So the light is reflected by it. Light water is also a great idea! Point or points of light fixtures for swimming pools, waterfalls and lakes to create a wonderful effect.
  5. Choose more natural colors: Dare in the colors of the lights in the garden is not always a good idea. Different shades like red and blue tire and may even erase some decoration details. Choose more natural tones such as white, yellow and even green. Green is the color light plants, shrubs and vines since its colors are mixed.
  6. Use and abuse of post: Indoors the lighting fixtures help to give that touch that was missing in the decoration. Outside us, the Poles are for this purpose. Install them in strategic spots to illuminate important areas such as paths, special decorations or frequented places. The current fashion is the low post, so the smaller the better.
  7. Use reflectors to ensure security: Reflectors are used to illuminate large areas of the garden. They are also great to make your home more safe when installed at the entrance. Thanks to them, it’s easy to see everyone who enters. You can use them in areas with tables and benches to improve lighting, which makes it more convenient to use the night space.
  8. Recessed Lamps are charming and practices: The lamps can be embedded in strategic parts of the garden, as on earth or on the steps of a path. In addition to having a practical use, they are also charming and discreet. One of its main advantages is to not expose the residents of the House to the risk of tripping, so are quite used in stairs and paths in the garden.
  9. Cherish your home: The garden is the main complement of a House, and the intention is not that her short in the middle of it. Then browse to illuminate the façade or entrance to the residence to appreciate it, she disappears in the exuberant nature of your garden.
  10. Choose the right lamp: The variety of lamps available on the market is huge, but not all can be used outdoors. The first factor to be considered is whether the lamp may or may not be in external environment. Then you must choose a type of lamp that emits no light damaging to plants. One of the best options available in the market are LED bulbs, although they are more expensive, they are economical, without prejudice to the plants and have interesting light tones for decoration.

And then? Already inspired to decorate your garden? So get to work! After you decide what exactly you want to do, just buy the materials and install. Enjoy and get to know the line of illumination of the G20 Brazil! Are fixtures, lamps, reflectors and all you may need to leave your perfect home. Visit the website and find out more:our site.