Tips For Puffy Eyes and Tired

With the pace of life increasingly hectic and stressful it is normal that we can learn to feel more tired, which inevitably becomes visible in our face. How many times have you ever wake up, look in the mirror and notice that has the puffy eyes and tired? About to leave home for one more day of work this could be a bad start to the morning. So I don’t know how to change this situation may be in itself a stress factor for many women, who like to be always beautiful and very presentable.

But do not despair! Today ehuacom will show you some makeup tips for puffy eyes!

Causes and Tips For Puffy Eyes

The swelling of the eyes may have genetic origin or can also be caused by fluid retention in the area. This last question can be avoided through better control of your diet and reducing salt intake. Another factor that can affect the swelling in the eye is the excess of alcoholic beverages, which increase even more the swelling and worsen so the general appearance around the eyes. Smoking and high fat concentration can be aggravating factors of swelling. Often the edema is made up of fat and fluid, not requiring more specific treatments for the removal of these fat bags.


  • When lying whenever possible keep your head higher than the body. If you need to use several pillows to elevate your head and avoid that there is fluid retention around the eyes. You will see good results soon after the 6 hours 2.
  • Sleep on your back. Sleep with your belly will compress your face and also facilitate the retention of fluid in the eyes, which will result in swollen eyes in the morning.
  • Never sleep with eye makeup. It doesn’t matter if you’re too tired, make sure you remove all makeup before bed, especially the eye makeup.
  • Cold water compresses in the eye (or alternatively those masks that places it in the refrigerator) help to moisturize the skin, plus the cold also helps reduce the swelling of the eyelids.
  • Another effective trick is to replace these water compresses for Chamomile tea bags. For best results these bags must also be placed previously in iced water and then placed over the eyes. Let it dry and see immediate results.
  • Another homemade effective solution to reduce puffy eyes and tired is use potatoes or apples into slices. These should be placed over the eyes for about 15 minutes. Potatoes help to disguise the wrinkles and reduce the swelling, while apples are permeable and transmission of vitamins through the skin.
  • Also the cucumber has been used as an effective solution to end up with puffy eyes. Use sliced and very cold on the eyelids to reduce swelling.