Tips to Wear a Black Dress to Perfection

Black dress is the indispensable at all any girl’s closet. Moreover, the garment par excellence, since it combines very well with everything and because he does wear a slim silhouette, giving a beautiful framed figure. And can also serve to assist the office, attending a formal or informal party, or go out at night with her friends and friends: everything will depend on how merges it. It is for this reason that, in this article, I have decided to give you some tips to wear a black dress to perfection.

* The black dress:

I think that all the girls have more than one black dress in the closet. There are many models and also cuts, and the question is to find the appropriate body and style of dress. If you are looking for the black dress with simple cuts that can be combined almost with everything, naturegnosis recommends the Court Princess made from normal fabrics: avoids the lace.

* Shoes:

Shoes will much depend on the black dress style, but you have to keep in mind that if you want something more sober use of fine and high heeled black shoes.

But the good thing is that black dresses is that they have access to play with accessories, so you can choose almost any type of shoe and look good: high heels, ballerinas, sandals, booties, boots, shoes (here be careful), all in a myriad of colors.

* The portfolio:

As occurs here as well as with the footwear: you could use any type of portfolio, in any color you want. You only have to take into account that the large portfolios are ideal for the small purses for the night and the day.

Now the clutch are very popular and can also be used on the day, however, may not be the most convenient option.

* Accessories:

Remember that the key is in the accessories not over-stressing the black dress. Opt for a necklace, a bracelet, a pair of earrings: something that will provide the special escape but that do not darken it. You can also choose by any hair accessory, such as: clips, brooches, Diadems, or a scarf or handkerchief. Accessories are perfect for providing a particular Nick and color to a simple black dress.

Then you leave a gallery with images of dresses ideal black to attend a party or event, either formal or informal. Remember to have a black dress for party in your closet, this is because you get out of many troubles and at once will make you look slim and very elegant, as parties or hidden events will always be during this year 2014.

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