Too Tight Bra Can Cause Health Damage

More than a fashion item, the bra is a piece that should ensure comfort and security to women. However, most of them use the accessory of the wrong size – sometimes as an aesthetic trick, to highlight and make the breasts firmer, and others by simple lack of information. Improper use of the item, however, cause damage to the health and well-being of women.

Use tight bra posture may cause problems, since the accessory compresses the column and makes the person, unknowingly bend forward in an attempt to alleviate pain. Furthermore, it limits the mobility of women, causing difficulty to breathing. “At first it may seem only discomfort, but in the long run, the woman begins to feel constant pain,” explains Elisa Dallegrave chiropractor. “One of the most dangerous factors is the limitation of movement, just by changing the biomechanics of the spine, ie, it causes a change in the way a person keeps the posture. This can also lead to other problems such as headache, “he adds. Side effects of bad posture include stomach cramps and fatigue.

While in Brazil, many stores do not allow customers to experience the underwear, the ideal is to always wear the bra before you buy it, to analyze it is comfortable and offers good support. Learn how to choose the right size bra on

Elisa guides he has to be loose, allowing the person to make all movements without limitation. “A woman should be able to breathe naturally and expand the lung. The bra should not compress the dorsal region, and the handles can not press your shoulders down, “indicates.

When using a suitable size bra, women feel that the breast is pulled back, taking the weight on his back, not forward. This minimizes the effect of natural gravity. The weight of the breasts has to be balanced between the handles (20%) and the back strip (80%).

By wearing the item, it must fit properly in the body and can not leave the place as the movements. When the size is inappropriate, the part normally rises when the lift arms.

If the bra bulge is wrinkled, her breasts sway when walking or you realize that tends to bring the shoulders forward, you are using the wrong number of bra.

According to the expert, constant accessory use is not harmful as long as it is the proper size. However, it guides you should not go to bed with the part, and even disproves the belief that sleep bra ensures greater firmness to the breasts. “When we lie, the force of gravity is minimal, then it will not make a difference,” he says.